A Glimpse Of Ukrainian Life As It Is Today!

From their buildings to their people, Ukrainian cities all have a unique mixture of the old and the new in them. Aside from the local traditions that they have to offer, they also have an interesting mixture of old Communism and today’s modernism in them. The 21st century, for example, is evident all around the cities and they all have a bit of European charm in them. There is a lot of culture all around, as well, and would definitely be well worth going to with your Ukrainian bride.

The best part is that it won’t cost very much to walk around the town as your Ukrainian lady takes you sightseeing. Plus, you will get to know your Ukrainian bride much better this way, thus giving you the chance to build a real connection with her.

The biggest cities in Ukraine are all very safe and the locals are usually helpful and friendly there. So, if you ever need any help, don’t hesitate to ask since they will be more than happy to help you out. You will notice this soon enough when you visit your Ukrainian bride.

One sight you will probably find interesting is that of old ladies sweeping the pavements in front of buildings and getting rid of trash and leaves on a daily basis. Usually, their brooms are made of old tree branches tied to poles with ropes. This normally wouldn’t be too unusual, but these women sweep practically everything away, including the concrete.


Yes, old ladies work very hard to keep the grounds clear of dirt and garbage. Because of their intense work ethic, all of the women in Ukraine can be considered as hard-working and dedicated. In fact, they can be considered to be the main backbone of their economy because they really are the driving force behind it.

Most Ukrainian buildings are made out of stone, including the inside walls. The Black Sea sandstone, for one, is in a beautiful yellow color. The inner parts of buildings can differ greatly from one to the next, though – from the gorgeous conditions of other big countries to the rustic and more primitive conditions of the old Soviet.

A lot of them are several decades old and were built during the reign of the Soviet empire. There are a lot of beautiful and stunning remnants everywhere, including rundown buildings. If you decide to go into these buildings, you might even find broken, old, solid green slate floors while walking up stairs that used to be made out of gorgeous marble.

Unfortunately, these stairs are marked up now, and have chips and cracks on them that show their age and wear in a bad way. However, you can admire the black old iron railings with your Ukrainian bride, which were made with great craftsmanship. At the top of these railings, you will also find old gorgeous oak wood, even though it is now marked up and beat up with missing pieces everywhere. Since all of the buildings are made out of stone, they usually stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer, though.

Air-conditioning can hardly be found in buildings because people have a hard time affording and maintaining it. The same goes with the stores, restaurants and clubs in Ukraine. Larger cities, like Kiev, have new shopping malls, though, which have stores, services and food courts on offer, making you feel right at home whenever you visit them.

In general, the heating systems are very unique. Each building and flat in Ukraine has an old radiator similar to the ones that were used in America five decades ago. What’s unusual about this is that there aren’t any thermostats around to control the heat. Very old plants from the government heat up the city’s buildings and if problems occur, then people simply live without the heat.

If you are only visiting your Ukrainian bride for several weeks, though, then you probably won’t see any of these things. You will probably stay in a fairly new Hollywood-style apartment with modern heating and conditioning for the utmost comfort, just like you would find at home.

Enjoy Ukraine!