Beware: Sex Is A Highly Stereotypical Subject Related To Russian Dating!

Why? Well, the mere beauty that Ukrainian women exude is enough to attract most men to cities in Ukraine. In other words, a lot of men on Russian dating websites visit Ukraine just to party and get with girls at restaurants, on the beach, at nightclubs, and on the streets.

Therefore, if you begin to flirt with a gorgeous Ukrainian girl and she realizes you’re from out of town, she might categorize you as a “sex tourist” right away. Yes, other men have sadly spoiled your image before you even got there. Now, I’m not saying that the Ukrainian ladies are completely innocent, though. There are definitely a lot of toy-girls in Ukraine clubs, waiting for men to splurge their money on them. A lot of them will even be happy to please you for a very affordable cost.

However, this isn’t what you should go there for. If you’re reading this article right now, then I’m just going to assume you aren’t a sex tourist. So, let’s put that industry to rest and find out how you can stop women from seeing you in that light, then, shall we?

First of all, try not to flirt with Ukrainian ladies too much when you first meet them. In other words, don’t talk about French kissing, sex or other sexual innuendoes just yet and just remain as cool and as calm as possible.

Of course, you should still show her that you find her beautiful somehow, but make sure you don’t listen to your instincts and just avoid doing anything that could be interpreted in a sexual manner. If your actions can be misconstrued as improper behavior, then avoid doing them.

In fact, you might win even more if you avoid hinting, mentioning or talking about sex altogether until she brings the subject up first. Once she does, though, you can feel free to share your thoughts on intimacy, too.

Remember: if you show more control to your potential Ukrainian bride early on, she will trust and respect you more by the end of it. Several ladies might deliberately throw challenges your way, too, and tell dirty jokes just to see how you’ll react. Don’t fall for it!


Also, if it is taking a long time for your Ukrainian lady to start an intimate relationship with you, then take that as a good thing. This just goes to show how virtuous she actually is. Women who see you in their lives for the long term will usually do all that they can to build more trust with you.

At the beginning of a relationship built on a Russian dating website, she will check whether you have the same goals, opinions and values first, for example, and find out whether you will be able to provide for a family before she jumps into bed with you. This mechanism is actually in the genes of every woman the world over who is family-oriented.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, although the sexual revolution in the West began as early as the 1970s, it didn’t begin in Ukraine until the 1990s. Before that, women in the Soviet Union didn’t talk about sex and sexual subjects were considered to be completely taboo, if not seen as negative propaganda from the West. Any information that they may have gotten during that time was only obtained from friends who whispered secrets, and they weren’t very accurate, either.

Erotic films were only shown and sex was only talked about after the 1990s. Because of this, a lot of Ukrainian ladies still dress provocatively, since they have no idea that prostitutes are mostly the ones wandering the Western streets in tiny shorts and skirts. In fact, it really isn’t any wonder why rape statistics have gone up so dramatically there after the 1990s.

A lot of Ukrainian ladies still think that wearing short skirts is merely a way to show off their gorgeous bodies and to boost their self-confidence by getting men to look at them. In most cases, wearing clothes that are sexually provocative doesn’t mean that the women are sexually available, either. So, although you can look all that you want, you can’t touch – it’s as simple as that.

Before anything else, you should aim to bond with your choice of woman in an emotional manner. Try to make her feel secure and safe in your presence, and make her feel like she can tell you anything. You have to build an emotional bond and real trust with your girl if you want to sleep with her in the end, too – remember that. And I mean it.

Ukrainian ladies deem sex to be a very important thing in life and sexuality studies have shown that Ukrainian women rate very high when it comes to sexual libido and creativity in the bedroom. So, you really don’t need to worry if she wants to delay sex in your relationship. Just get ready for what’s ahead and you’ll be able to handle her endless fantasies and sexual needs when the time is right for her. It will be well worth the wait – trust me.

Now, if you end up getting her into the sack after just one or two dates, then you can be sure that she doesn’t see you as husband material. In a nutshell, there are only very few reasons why Ukrainian women would choose to have sex with a man early on:

There are benefits: In other words, she wants the resources that you have to offer, like your money, gifts, trinkets and food, and she believes that sex will be the fastest way to get those things from you. Plus, she thinks she’ll have an easier time manipulating you this way, too. Conversely, if she sees herself marrying you, then she will expect understanding, kindness and care from you and won’t be thinking about the benefits she could get at all.

She has low self-confidence: She might be checking out her overall “market value” by sleeping with you. She probably isn’t very popular with Ukrainian men for various reasons and since you are a foreigner who wants to find a bride on a Russian dating website, she might be pretending to fulfill your beliefs about stereotypes. Low self-confidence happens to be very common when it comes to perfectionists. Ukrainian women tend to want to be perfect in every life aspect – sex, home, motherhood, work – that they compete against one another for overall life success.

However, the winner hardly ever ends up married. If you find a girl that you have a strong emotional bond with and she seems sincere, then you shouldn’t have any trouble handling the development and growth of her self-confidence, either.

She wants to see if you are worth it: If you’re lucky, maybe your woman just really likes sex and wants to check whether you will be able to fulfill her needs, so to speak. The odds will be in your favor if you happen to have a sexual appetite that can rival hers.

She wants to find better genes. Ukrainian ladies with marriage on their minds will want good-looking children in the future and since their biological clocks are still ticking, their subconscious reproduction programs will switch on when they feel a physical attraction towards you. However, if this happens, they might lose all control and since they feel the need to use sex in order to stay with you, you probably won’t have anything else in common other than sex.

Ideally, you should not let the questionable sexual benefits blur your thoughts. Remember: you want to find a wife, so don’t opt for anything else, regardless of what types of other women you might meet on your Russian dating website of choice.