Several Reasons Why You Should Stay In Apartment Rather Than A Hotel, When Visiting Your Ukrainian Bride!

If you plan on going to Ukraine to look for your dream girl and potential Ukrainian bride, then you have to prioritize your security, comfort and safety above all things. Fortunately, Ukraine is becoming more and more client-oriented now, so you are sure to find good services in most apartment rental companies and premium services at international brand hotels in Kiev nowadays.

If you plan on staying in Kiev for a couple of days and want to experience premium services, you can choose to stay at an international brand hotel like Radisson Kiev, Intercontinental Kiev, or Hyatt Kiev. However, you need to be prepared to shell out hundreds of dollars a night per room.

Conversely, you could just rent a single bedroom, Hollywood-style apartment for a little less. If you want luxury, you can even enjoy having breakfast in different restaurants every day. Regular one-single bedroom apartments in Kiev that have high-speed Internet, air-conditioning, comfortable furniture and a flat screen TV usually go for around $70 a night. The majority of rental companies usually have lower rates if you decide to stay there longer.

Obviously, cost would be a good factor to look for when choosing an apartment. However, you need to think about why you are there, too. You want to find a wife in Ukraine, simply put. Well, a Ukrainian judge will judge you according to your house. Now, even though you can’t bring your house along with you, you can still rent a decent apartment and count that as your house while you are in Ukraine, right? Since your apartment will technically be your territory while you are there, it will add more value in your Ukrainian bride’s eyes and make her see you as a better potential life partner overall.

Unfortunately, Ukrainian women still think that the only women who go to men’s hotels are prostitutes. This is mostly because their hotel security guards treat young women that way. Remember: women in Ukraine care a lot about what other people think, so they will stop taking you seriously the minute you suggest having coffee at your hotel room. As convenient as it might be to do so, she will feel ashamed if you do that. It’s as simple as that.


Once a Ukrainian bride becomes more interested in you, she will soon get sick of going to fancy restaurants with you. Instead, they will prefer to spend more private time with you. She might even want to cook food for you or plan a romantic date with you. Again: none of these things can happen in your hotel, though.

Because of this, you need to think about creating an atmosphere that is similar to home for your potential bride. This is why you should rent a Kiev apartment while searching for a Ukrainian wife.

In fact, the only disadvantage to doing this is that Ukrainian apartments don’t have special entrances to lobbies or blocks, even if they have hall concierges. In other words, the only thing you will see after entering the building is a gray staircase and white walls. However, the minute you get into the actual apartment, you will feel like you have stepped into a palace.

Don’t let these hallways bother you, though; apartments in Kiev are always reliable, secure and comfortable.