The Best Types Of Russian Women To Look For When It Comes To Marriage

When it comes to women in the world to marry, I would put Russian women on the scale of eight to ten. After all, they can only either be beautiful or drop-dead gorgeous! They just look perfect all the time!

Probably one of the best things about Russian women’s looks, though, would be their general greatness in the bust area. This results in perfect bodily proportions that look fabulous in any type of clothing. You can even roam through Las Vegas and look at all of the gorgeous women there, but they still won’t rival those from Ukraine. In Ukraine, they have ten times more beautiful women in every single city – definitely an overwhelming thing to witness. I guarantee something close to a miracle.

The best Russian women to marry would be the ones who don’t wear fake things – be it nails, breasts or eye lashes! They are simply 100% original and love that they are. Well, since they are gifted with beauty by nature, they really don’t have to change anything on their body anyway, right? If you do meet a Ukrainian lady with something fake, though, then take heed. This could be huge character flaw since Ukrainian culture generally frowns upon those things.

Ukrainian women usually dress themselves in a fashionable manner that makes them look even more attractive. They usually only do this when in the company of men who can protect them from other guys, though. Do take note that some of these women are good at milking you for all of your money, too, so take heed of women who constantly ask to be taken to expensive restaurants or always ask you to buy them things. You don’t want to end up with an empty wallet, do you?


Ideally, you should look for Ukrainian women who never ask for money and will even refuse it at the start of your dating period. Money usually repulses these women since they don’t want you to see them as gold diggers.

Now, let me make myself clear when it comes to money and Ukrainian women. Good Russian women will never ask for money before things get serious. And even when they do, they will usually still be hesitant in that department. In general, she will refuse your money, even if you want to pay for her travel costs to meet up with you. So, make sure you insist to pay for her cab fare when it’s late and emphasize that you need to do it because you care about her. If you don’t reimburse her at any point, then she might not take you very seriously and might think you are poor or cheap. Ukrainian wives want to live well, after all.

Another important thing to remember when it comes to Russian women is not to compliment them too much. They are usually tired of men who praise their beauty. So, if you feel the need to compliment her during your date, try to talk about her sense of humor, charm or grace instead. Also, make sure you keep your compliments at a minimum – maybe one compliment per date.

One of the best ways to bag a good Russian woman for marriage would be to simply adopt a happy-go-lucky attitude, as if dating a gorgeous women is nothing new to you! In other words, just make sure you don’t gawk at her looks and she will find you more attractive by the minute. Try it!