The Power And Effect Of The Rose On Ukrainian Women!

Whenever a Ukrainian lady steps into my marriage agency for the first time, I usually sit down with her, offer her some coffee and chat with her about her likes and dislikes, her dreams and goals, what her living situation is currently like, etc…

A lot of the time, these women tell me that they are romantics by nature and when I ask them to elaborate, they usually start with “I want someone to give me flowers on a regular basis…”

A lot of you are sure to find this train of thought to be primitive. You might even think that flowers are just a waste of hard-earned money. After all, the world is very rational, fast and pragmatic nowadays. Well, that is true. Men are naturally rational, fast and pragmatic, too. However, that isn’t what Ukrainian women are like!

These women want to know that they have their men’s attention. They will want their men to understand them. Well, a bouquet of roses in itself will say and mean a lot to these women.

Basically, flowers will say that men care so much about their gorgeous potential Ukrainian bride that they are willing to be romantic and sensitive for her. These women see men who give them flowers, as men who are tender in their hearts and those are the kinds of men that they will want to keep close to them for as long a time as possible…


Now, I’m not trying to encourage the use of flowers in a cynical manner. On the contrary: when talking to your potential Ukrainian bride, look for sweet things and moments during your talks that you can use to surprise her later on. This way, she will always know that you generally think of her fondly, even when you are calling her or writing to her. This will help you bond better overall. After all, if you show attentiveness now, she will take that as a sign that you will also be attentive in the future. One of the most important things that these women tend to look for in a husband would be attention.

So, right from the very start of your relationship with your potential Ukrainian bride, try to be as romantic, as sweet and as sensitive as possible. Remember: the results of your relationship are all in your hands. These women will want to hear from you on a regular basis to confirm that you are the perfect guy for them and who will show them the attention that they need. Therefore, it would be vital to send text messages and call them, too.

However, words can only go so far and won’t result in anything if you don’t take action, as well. So, in a nutshell, you can get positive results in the end by saying and doing nice things.

The beginning of any relationship is usually known as the candy and flower period. Basically, the couple meets and gets to know one another through communication until they realize they decide they actually like each other. By this time, the girl will start to expect small gifts as a sign of attention during the courtship phase, such as candies, flowers and other things that aren’t too expensive, yet are thoughtful and meaningful all the same.

Basically, you have to find a way to emphasize your words with tangible things that she can see and hold even when you aren’t around. When you are together, looking into her eyes and holding her hand will be enough to let her know that you love her. If you are there, she will be happy because you are real. However, from a distance, this realness will be missing, so you have to create other ways to express your care and attention for your new Ukrainian “princess”.

So, have you thought about which flowers to ask your marriage agency to send to your Ukrainian lady yet?