Who Are The Ukrainian Women On Russian Mail Order Bride Sites?

Just as with any other country out there, Ukrainian women tend to come in various styles and shapes. I am sure you will notice this the minute you try out a Russian mail order bride service for yourself. Naturally, there will be millions of beautiful women on there, though, and most gorgeous Ukrainian women on these Russian mail order bride websites won’t even have tattoos, body piercings or weird hair.

Although there may be some exceptions, there won’t be a lot. Once you realize this, it won’t have any trouble picking out which ones are only there for sex. Do take heed, though, since some of these women might just be in it for your money! Usually, the Ukrainian women that are gold diggers are very crafty, but the good news is that most of them are honest and you won’t have any trouble finding one through a Russian mail order bride website.

Of course, there are hookers in Ukraine, as well, even though prostitution has officially been made illegal there. I decided to start this article this way since a lot of men seem to associate easy sex and cheap prostitutes with Ukraine. In the end, there really aren’t that many prostitutes there. Now, let us get this topic about bad girls over with, so we don’t have to rehash the subject again later.


I know a few Western men who have met escort ladies on Russian mail order bride websites and married them, but I really wouldn’t recommend this method since you will never know which one of those women are mere gold diggers. The minute you walk into a big Ukrainian hotel, gold diggers will usually be sitting around in the hotel bar or in the lobby at night, waiting for someone to talk to them or waiting to approach someone themselves. They don’t speak English too well since they know exactly what attracts Westerners.

Generally speaking, Ukraine hookers can cost up to two hundred dollars a night, but this will depend on which city you find yourself in. Bigger cities usually result in higher prices. A lot of the time, they might even try to sucker you into paying more just to test the waters. Since they know how ready you are to pay for Western prices, they will definitely try to milk you for all that you’ve got.

I have actually met men who have come across hundreds of these women who seem as charming and as sweet as all of the other gorgeous Ukrainian women on Russian mail order bride websites, but they generally become hookers because they don’t have other choices. Usually, they simply can’t find a job that pays well enough to support them in the city and they get stuck in a world of hell when they need to support their parents or children.

Hookers usually don’t hide the fact that they aren’t happy with their lives and only want to be rescued and this is usually why there are so many profiles on those Russian mail order bride websites to begin with. You can try them out if you really want to, but they usually come with many more risks than benefits. Besides, there are better choices out there – trust me.