About Us

Dear Gentlemen,

I believe in the saying “Everything happens for a reason”, and since you are on this website then I have a reason and a chance to help you and bring some good changes into your life.

My name is Nataliya Koval. I am a professional matchmaker. I have been helping men and women meet each other since 1997. In those days I was a translator for a big company that brought hundreds of American men and held socials, introducing them to beautiful Ukrainian and Russian women. That experience has helped me understand the way Western men think. I learned about the American lifestyle and family values when I was translating in the socials.

The Socials were huge: a hundred men and five hundred women came to meet each other in a very nice and comfortable restaurant. Every man had his own translator, and yet, it was not personalized. 14 years ago I was dreaming how I could make this service tailored for both men and ladies, so they could understand each other better and avoid cultural misunderstandings.

The dream began realizing in 2003 when I started my own Ukraine Marriage Agency. At that time, Ukrainian brides no longer wished to leave Ukraine in despair. Luckily, times were changing and the need of a proper matchmaker and marriage agency became obvious. Many Ukrainian ladies came to me looking for a real husband, and not for ways to emigrate from Ukraine. Many of them, though, had no clue about Western mentality, Western society and ways to make relations work between themselves and a man from a different culture.

I noticed that when I was telling a lady how to communicate to a foreign man properly and as a result, she was able to connect to a man better.  I also helped foreign men understand what those beautiful Ukrainian brides wanted from a date, taught guys how to “chase” the ladies properly and encouraged men to show more initiative. That has proven to be an effective formula for a good date! More and more good people were finding each other this way.

I started to improve my knowledge in practical psychology. I hired personal life coach Violetta Levina and had regular weekly meetings with her. Then I volunteered for dozens of hours of translation at Violetta’s personal sessions with her international clients and learned more about western mentality and communication.

I continued reading the books of the personal relations gurus: J. Gray, L.Lowndes, A.Pease, H.Andelin, etc. I have five shelves of psychological books in my office and three more at home, and this collection continuously grows.  I was among the first Ukrainians who attended personal growth seminars. We walked on burning coals there, improved our understanding of the main Universal Rules, strengthened communicative skills and tamed our fears.

Now I take my clients to similar seminars and conduct seminars myself. I teach men and women how to get off the beaten trail they used to walk. Learning new approaches in communication and starting to treat people better, helps men and woman to find new partners. I give my clients individual recommendations about ways they can change their attitudes to themselves and to others. Some people need to read a book, and it helps. Some people benefit more from working with a life coach. Some people need an eye-opening seminar. All are very useful, as long as men and women are willing to change.

In 2008 I participated in the World Matchmaking Conference, held by International Matchmaking Institute in New York. I met wonderful matchmakers from all over the world. My greatest revelation at the conference was that famous matchmakers were practicing and teaching how to use the approach to which I intuitively came by years of practice. I was happy to become part of the world matchmaker’s ‘family’, a great resource of practical solutions and professional knowledge.

My goal is “Uniting Happy People Into A Happy Couple”!

I have a great team with me. Oksana has been with me since 2005. She is a reliable and caring client manager. She knows what qualities ladies will want to find in their ideal man and thus sets up successful dates!

Victoria has been with me since 2007. She is a thoughtful, analytical and efficient client manager and a great translator. She can make a date between strangers a very informative and pleasant experience.

I also have reliable drivers Victor and Sergey. They have safe cars, speak English and know how to overcome traffic jams and drive safely!

Lora, my other interpreter, has helped many men and women facilitate their dates and understand each other beyond words.

Anna, an English teacher, teaches Ukrainian fiancées not only the vocabulary and grammar, but also ways to expressthoughtsin the right way. Ladies study to understand their men, besides learning how to speak English.

I am personally interested in making every date that we set up,as successful as it can be, because every time a good lady finds her man, she brings at least 3 of her good single girlfriends to my service. Those girlfriends see a successful story and follow it. The more couples we make, the more eligible and genuine new people come to us.

I am sure there is a match for every man and woman who come to me. It is only the matter of time, persistence and trust.

So gentlemen, if you are sincere in your search for your ideal Ukrainian bride, we believe that we can help you find your ideal lady for love and marriage!

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