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Title: Why Men Choose Ukrainian Brides

There are a number of characteristics that Ukrainian women possess that make them a desirable partner, and it goes far deeper than outer beauty. These women have an inner beauty that radiates through in everything they do.

Ukrainian women are hard workers and conscientious in everything they undertake. They have an unquenchable thirst to learn as much as possible, many of them speaking two or more foreign languages. Some Ukrainian brides are highly educated and have university degrees. And even though Ukraine has a relatively low economic status which makes it hard to make lots of money, Ukrainian women strive hard to establish successful careers.

Ukrainian brides have somehow managed to learn how to successfully balance a career with taking care of the home and their family. The culture there places heavy emphasis on family life and girls are taught at a young age by their mother and grandmothers how to prepare meals, keep a clean house and raise children.

It’s almost considered a status of success for a Ukrainian woman to get married and have children, and they work continuously to support their family and take care of them. Infidelity is nearly unheard of, as these women are fiercely loyal and faithful to their commitment to their husband. It’s little wonder Western men seek out these women to marry, especially when they also possess such a loving, gentle nature.

Even those born with natural beauty put forth a great deal of effort to keep themselves fit and attractive to their husbands. Despite their relatively low incomes, Ukrainian women still manage to visit the gym and the hair salon on a regular basis. They’re proud of their toned bodies and don’t mind showing it off with fashionable and revealing clothing.

If you consider their inner beauty as well as the attractive outer package, you can see why they’re such a popular choice for men seeking a foreign wife. It isn’t hard spending the rest of your life with a woman who possesses grace and beauty both inside and out. Ukrainian brides have a kind, generous spirit and are simply a joy to have in your life. Ask any man who has married one.

If the idea of a foreign bride excites you, and you haven’t considered a bride from Ukraine, you may be unaware of what you could be missing out on. Divorce among Ukrainian brides is refreshingly rare and you’ll have a lifelong partner who will work hard to ensure you both have many years of wedded bliss.


Title: A Comprehensive Analysis Of Ukrainian “brides” Market

I. The girl said she had second thoughts and didn’t want to get married so soon.

2. The girl said she had no plans to leave Ukraine.

3. The girl ‘appeared’ interested only in going out and having a good time.

“It was just a bit strange to me,” says Curtis, a computer programmer from San Jose California. Curtis had been corresponding with a girl named Svetlana in Kyiv for about 6 months before deciding to take the plunge. “Everything appears o.k. on the surface, but when I want to talk about specifics, plans for the future, she backs off. I mean I am only here for 7 days, I don’t have a long time to put things together, it was really kind of frustrating,” he says.

Curtis also says the passion and heartfelt feelings that were in the emails and letters before his arrival were missing in the face to face contact. “There was something peculiar about our first and second meetings. I didn’t get the impression that I was talking to the same girl I had been writing to for a half of a year. She said she didn’t want to get married so soon and that she was nervous about relocating to the USA,” said Curtis. Those two points are the sticklers. Yes, marriage is a big step, and one should be a little nervous about broaching the subject, but shouldn’t that be a consideration before a person enlists the services of a marriage agency, not after the guy you have been writing ‘sweet nothings’ to shows up at Boryspil Airport?

The first two points were put to American businessman and longtime Kyiv resident Mr. Brett Ousley, himself President of Kiev Connections. “I am a single guy, and have used agencies in the past, and some of the problems mentioned are what led me to open up my own agency”, he says. Brett says many of the plethora of agencies in Ukraine are in the business to collect and sell as many names and addresses as they can. This ‘killing the golden goose’ mentality in the marriage agency business is bad for the legitimate operations who genuinely try to match the appropriate people for a solid relationship.

“I remember this one time, years ago, I was on a date with a girl from some agency in town,” says Ousley, “and after I pick her up we start walking to this cafe in order to get to know each other better. As we are walking, she nonchalantly blurts out that she can not be out late because her husband will be home in a while”. Needless to say, Ousley politely ducked out. “She was amazing, she like said I hope this doesn’t preclude us going out tonight? I said well, ‘what’s the point’, see ya later,” says the disgusted bride hunter.

Ousley says this experience was such a shocker that it has helped form a cornerstone of his operation. Through screening of the applicants, his suspicions were well founded. What some people don’t consider as that this is a ‘win win’ situation for the ladies,” says Ousley. “It costs them nothing. The risk is the man’s. She waits for the agency to call, or she collects the letters, gifts and dates all for free, while the man uses his one vacation a year, buys a ticket, lodgings in Kyiv and lays his heart on the line, so that is why we make sure our girls are on the level,” says Ousley. Ousley says that he periodically reviews a girl’s status, and that some are reject?ed, or removed from his roster if they are found to be just in the game for a good time and not serious. Another agency that specializes in personalized matchmaking is the Mordinson Agency of Kharkiv.

Mordinson is a premium agency specializing in some of ‘the most attractive women in the Kharkiv region, and goes to the trouble of listing it’s success stories on the web site, with actual photos of the couples it has produced. “Our girls are all interested in getting married and we go to the trouble of individually tailoring a program for the man who is visiting, so he feels special and the process goes smoothly,” says representative Darya Mordinson. “We don’t conduct these uncomfortable ‘meat-market’ socials that some of the bigger agencies conduct,” she says of the classic marriage agency meets where ten guys will find themselves facing a room full of up to sixty girls.

“The meetings we offer are all individual and only with girls or women who are definitely interested in the man so that disappointment is who have dealt with the mass marketers of names and addresses. You can tell such sites right away when you load up their page on your browser. You see about ten to fifteen photos per page, nearly identical wording on the bios, normally only credit card payment info and no one person’s name at the top who you can talk to if you have a problem. If you are surfing for an agency, a sign that one is more credible than others would be the listing of a phone number and a manager’s name.

This tells you there is someone accountable, and if possible before you send any money or write any romantic thoughts, spend the dollar it costs per minute for the long distance call from abroad and touch base with the manager. From your conversation you will be able to tell if this is a ‘take the money and run’ operation or one that will work with you in attempting to find the match of a lifetime. The address sellers are the weak link in the marriage agency chain.

Marriage agencies do attract negative publicity, and are still seen as somewhat exploitative, but it is worth remembering that they exist everywhere. However, the financial differentials between Western husbands and Slavic brides has left the practice open to attack. In the late 1990s a feminist legislator from Washington State proposed a law wherein background checks should be required of men enlisting the services of a marriage agency overseas.

Allegedly responding to cases wherein eastern European and Asian women were bought as mail order brides and abandoned or abused in the United States, the legislation was thrown out, largely due to the lack of concrete cases of abuses. In fact, many agencies make a point of listing success stories of ‘happy ever after’ couples on their sites, and guard against getting involved with any Western client deemed ‘undesirable’.

In general, potential bride hunters should be careful when choosing an agency and ask those sensitive tough questions before hopping on a plane or forking out a lot of money for that one ‘special girl’. There are many genuine ladies looking for long-term involvement, but there are also many girls more excited by the prospect of ‘no strings’ fun with comparatively well-off foreign man. Happy hunting!


Title: All About Ukrainian Brides

The majority of Ukraine is rural countryside and the small number of cities they have are not very sophisticated compared to Western cities. This may make some Ukrainian brides a bit uncomfortable if you’re bringing her to live in a large US city.

Much of Ukrainian social life revolves around visiting friends in their home or meeting at local cafes. In small farming communities, where many people live, the street market provides a meeting place for friends and neighbors.

English is taught in the schools in Ukraine, so most women you’ll meet speak English as a second language. The official language in the country is Ukrainian, but Russian, which was the official language for many years, is still widely used.

Ukrainian brides are lovely women who enjoy their femininity and frequently dress in skirts or dresses. Even though they’re beginning to be seen more and more in the business world, most women in Ukraine still hold on the dream of getting married and having children.

Ukrainian mothers raise their daughters to know how to prepare delicious meals and most are excellent cooks. They take care of themselves and work hard to always look good for their husband. Ukrainian brides are loving and warm, and tenderness and caring seem to be a natural part of who they are.

Something to consider if you decide to take a Ukrainian bride as your wife is to be patient and supportive as she adapts to not one, but two new and very different environments.

First is the adaptation from single life to married life, which every new bride must go through. Suddenly finding herself in new surroundings, she must accustom to her new role as wife. If your bride is from Ukraine, she’ll have to make those same adjustments as well as adapt to a different language, new foods, and a culture completely different from the one she’s used to.

This makes it even more important for you to be a loving, nurturing, and supportive husband. She may feel shy and insecure at first. You may be the only person she knows, and probably the only one she can trust. After leaving everything she knows, including family and friends, she will most likely turn to you for comfort, safety, and reassurance.

Do your best to be patient and understand what she may be going through. Even when she asks for the 15th time how to do something, or what something means, try not to show any irritability or impatience with her. Let her know she can count on you for any help she needs.

Men with Ukrainian wives often enjoy long, happy marriages, and many say it’s the best thing they ever did. But any marriage, cross-cultural or not, flourishes best with a little bit of work each day and large doses of love, patience, and understanding.



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