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Title: Dating Ukraine Brides Has Never Been So Easy

Everybody remembers the famous lines sung by Beatle Paul McCartney: “Well the Ukraine girls really knock me out / They leave the West behind”. Actually the man has finally had a chance to prove his own statement while his visit to Ukraine in June 2008. And as far as I know he was very impressed with what he saw on the streets of Kyiv.

The tendency to date Ukrainian or Russian brides via internet is absolutely understandable. Russian women and especially Ukrainian women are less emancipated, more domestic, have stronger maternal instincts than our Western females. This is probably due to a more traditional way of life that Ukrainian women live – add to this the fact that 50% of population in Ukraine still live in villages and most of the city population is the 1st or 2nd generation of city dwellers. So it is no wonder that men in the USA, Europe and Australia prefer to comb the web for sexy Ukraine girls with a view to possible marriage.

Lots of websites offer dating services with Russian and Ukrainian ladies, with more or less success, with more or less reliability. Some of them have thousands of Ukraine brides presented, but who can guarantee that all of those sexy ladies are real and unengaged. This is physically impossible, even for a large agency, to keep in touch with such an amount of ladies.

So I recommend the sites where you can find fewer ladies as this implies that the agency is in constant contact with them. If you want to ensure that Ukraine dating will grow into a romance and then into a marriage another recommendation would be to find an agency which makes stress on serious (not just sex) relationship between the participants. And of course, only serious agencies can afford representatives in the Western world.

This is very convenient as you always have somebody of your own culture to refer for help or reassurance. With keeping these factors in mind finding a perfect Ukrainian girl, dating her in Ukraine and making her your beloved wife is only a matter of several months. Just remember, the perspective to marry Ukraine brides is very real, and there are thousands of examples of successful families started from an acquaintance through a Ukraine dating agency.


Title: Ukraine Brides – Reveal Your Culture

Many young couples in international marriages are facing one and the same problem and it is called cultural adaptation. Below are a few ideas how to survive this period.

Men sometimes find it impossible to understand women. They say that their brides have changed after the marriage but the truth is that they are the same, only their position is different and this changes their point of view.

Marriage is a dream for every girl. It makes her feel that she has accomplished a life mission. After the marriage women still feel a little insecure. She enters a brand new world with different rules and this scares her a bit. The role of the groom is very important in this period of life because he is the closest person to her and she has no one else to trust.

Brides from Ukraine are not an exception to the rule. After the marriage they are introduced to a new society which they barely know. They leave their families and friends. They leave their favorite places and naturally they do not know how to act. Sometimes they are afraid even to ask how to deal with some daily life problems because they think that they will look stupid and unintelligent to the others.

If you have just came back from honeymoon, you will have to return to your job and daily routine. Your bride will be left home alone for long hours and between the tv series and the housework she will often ask herself now when you are already married, do you find her as attractive as you did the first time when you saw her.

The culture of the Ukrainians is very family oriented. Basically it is society in which woman is equal to the man. Wives work as much as their husbands and contribute to the household not only with domestic work but with money too.

You can help your bride feel more confident if you support her in the first month and encourage her to go to courses for language learning for example. These courses are good because they are visited by many foreigners in the same situation. Between the courses and lessons, for the right pronunciation and accent, people share what they feel and this is often the same what your bride has in mind. Speaking about it with others who can understand her will definitely help her. These courses often function as groups for discussion where language is only the skeleton of the course itself. And the course is called adaptation to the new society.

When you get back home always find time to discuss with her what she has learnt and who she has met. Little by little she will start telling you other people’s stories which will repeat your case. Do not interrupt her telling her that you are different. You are not.

Intercultural marriages are very fragile exactly because of the culture shock. Remember the time when you have been to Ukraine and you wondered why people do this or that? Have you suffered the enigmatic Cyrillic letters they use? Have you felt lost most of the time?

Now you know what your bride means. Unlike you who has been in her native country for a limited time, your bride will stay with you forever – (hopefully) – so as soon as you help her adapt to everything unfamiliar and new, the better.


Title: The Allure of Ukrainian Brides

Men have all kinds of different reasons for favoring one type of woman over another, and some of those reasons may never be understood. But in the same way that some men prefer blondes, and others like brunettes, or that some men call themselves ‘leg men’ while others are attracted to a buxom woman, there are men who prefer to marry Ukrainian brides.

With the internet at their disposal, a man can choose a woman from anywhere in the entire world. So what is it about the Ukrainian ladies that draw so many men to seek them out? It can’t be just their beauty. Yes, Ukrainian women are lovely to look at, but beautiful women can be found all over the globe. So it must be something more.

After doing some proper research, I found several other reasons for the rising popularity of Ukrainian brides with Western men. These are characteristics that go much deeper than the skin depth of beauty. These women possess a beauty of the heart, and of the soul.

Ukrainian brides are conscientious, hard workers, with a thirst for knowledge. Some speak two or more foreign languages and are highly educated, and hold a college or university degree. Because of the economics in Ukraine, it’s often difficult for them to make a large amount of money, but it doesn’t keep them from working hard to establish their career.

The women of the Ukraine have a gift for being able to combine their career with taking care of their house and family as well. Their culture is very family oriented, and they’ve been raised all their lives being taught how to cook and clean and raise children by their mothers and grandmothers.

Getting married and having a family is considered by many Ukraine brides to be a status of success, and they work hard supporting and taking care of their husband and children. They’re faithful and loyal to their husbands and infidelity is a rarity among the women of their culture. When combined with their gentle, kind, and giving nature, it’s no wonder so many Western men consider them to be perfect partners for life.

In addition to their natural beauty, Ukrainian women work hard to keep themselves attractive. Even in a country with a predominantly low-income level, these ladies manage to regularly visit the salon and the gym. They’re not ashamed of sharing the end result of all their hard work with fashionable and often somewhat revealing attire. Their bodies are toned, fit, and sexy and it’s because they apply their hard work ethic to everything they do.

Given all these attributes, it’s little wonder that so many men seek out Ukrainian brides with whom to spend the rest of their lives. In addition to their obvious outer grace and beauty, they possess an inner grace and beauty that’s unrivaled in many women around the world.

If you’re still seeking a lifetime partner, and haven’t looked closely at Ukrainian brides, you have no idea what you may be missing out on. Among marriages with Ukrainian brides, divorce is rare and most couples enjoy many long and happy years of wedded bliss.


Yahoo Answers:

Question: Why are there so many Russian and Ukrainian young women in brides websites?

[QUESTION TITLE] Why are there so many Russian and Ukrainian young women in brides websites? – Asked on 2011-08-30

[Question] – excluding money and green cards from it, what are the social reasons? why is it a social fenomenon there that many of them consider marrying foreign men?

I’ve talked with a few and they complain about most men over there, that they can’t get commitment, that they drink too much, etc.

[Answer 1] – Because grass is always greener at the other side of the fence
because, life in West (Europe, America, Australia etc) seems to be better for lots of young women there. Because they think money grow on trees or something.
At the other hand, they think (and they ae right), there is future for them and their families. More stability and less corruption.

[Answer 2] – Blonde A is correct. they are just scams. Ukrainian women do not really consider marrying foreign men. Ukraine is a european country just like France or Italy and you don’t see mail order bride sites for those countries.
For the most part those websites that you see are usually American owned

[Answer 3] – They are not women, they are American men who want to steal your money. As well as photos and profiles are just FAKE.
It is very insulting kind of “business” for real Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians, Belorussians and Russians.

[Answer 5] – it’s a scam, they’re not real women and probably not even real russians/ukrainians

[Answer 6] – because they are hot…men want to marry hot women…it works…

[Answer 7] – Ow They are real, But they want to come to go to different country like USA, They say only good stuff about them, But not bad stuff,
1) They may be hot not , but in 10-20 years they are likely to gain wait, likely to gain wait after having children,
2) after living moltiple years they are likely, they are likely to get citizenship in USA and may change , they mey not be as nice, and may eventually divorce!! SO if you are importing any person from other country may have to pay a few hundred $ to get an layer make a paper agreement, where if ever divorcing , you would not have to pay at least 1/2 what is in the bank , nor 1/2 what is in the Stocks, Nor 1/2 what is owned in business, Nor 1/2 what Realestat properties or homes that you own,

Now if you have child, paying basic child support and college support I think is OK, you should care for the child after all he or she is 1/2 you RIGHT!! YOU should support so child likes you, maybe even spoil sometimes like give child laptop ! that way the child like you more! And take the child to entertainment centers!



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