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Title: Can Foreign Romance Singles Tours Cure Your Dating Blues?

For the most part, the baby boomer generation has emerged as one of the most larger groups of the online dating community and with singles of all ages , the online dating world has grown and has emerged as the place to be on a lonely Friday night, or any night for that matter. Back in the earlier years, when online dating first started, there were no pictures to look at.

You could be typing to someone who you thought was a women and for all you know, could be a man or a child. You had the choice of placing your name into any of the larger online dating sites and chat locally or all over the United States, anytime you wanted, but there were to many hidden security issues.

Lets think about this for a moment. Nowadays, you want to stay local, so you join the local online dating services and before you know it, you have found someone compatible, within a decent driving distance, that you can meet for a harmless dinner or a drink and if the chemistry is there, then all is fine and you are not lonely anymore.

The problem is, that to get to this point, it could take weeks or months, and like all online dating searches, there is alot of wasted time and effort. I know this for a fact. I was one of the baby boomers who spent six months wasting my time online locally. I spent alot of money on dinners and travel, and was still lonely.

Now advance forward to a dating agency that offers you the chance to join in on one of their monthly dating socials, which is usually comprised of over 500+ Single beautiful women from a foreign country, where you can mingle, meet and speak to as many foreign women as you feel comfortable with, all in one setting, at one time. You now have what is called a dating social or “Romance Dating Tour”.

The phrase “Romance Dating Tours”, also referred to as “singles dating tours” or “mail order bride tours”, came about when established foreign dating sites decided that there must be a better and faster way for a single man from another country to meet multiple women from the agency, without spending a month away from home.

These trusted agencies then decided that bigger was better, so they began to have local dinner socials & cocktail parties at local restaurants, where large amounts of single women could meet single men from another country, all at one time and at one event, and without having the men spend a month in a foreign country all alone and on his own. These events became a big hit and today are considered more effective than online dating itself, as a means to an end of constant daily searches for a partner.

Usually, the men start by signing up on a foreign dating site and start to correspond with women who like to write to them and feel that they have met someone compatible. After a number of letters, maybe a three way phone call with an interpreter, and maybe even a video computer call, where the parties can see each other and chat, the men feel comfortable and may arrange a trip to the foreign country to meet this women at the agency.

But, as with the American dating agencies, you can travel, spend money and still waste alot of time. This is why many men will not make the trip overseas until they have three to four women that they are happy with and confident that there is a little chemistry between them. Most professional agencies will offer Matchmaking plans where they will sit and personally interview anyone who you are in contact with, and to find out their opinions of you and also their intentions.

This type of matchmaking scrutiny helps many men avoid embarrassing and disappointing meetings with women who seem to appeal to them. It helps the couple make sure that their intentions are both sincere and helps them to decide on whether to move on or not in the relationship. Did you know: Immigration/Department of Justice Report shows that foreign marriages have almost twice the success rate of domestic marriages!

The ultimate goal of the man is not to find a dating partner, but to find a suitable women to marry. The Romance Dating Tours are an instant success because they send invitations to all of the ladies signed up in the area to attend a dinner and dating “social”. These gatherings usually host about five hundred women and about forty to sixty men, so the competition is not that great for the men.

The ladies are looking to meet marriage minded men in a safe and fun-filled setting in their own area. Some women who live outside the city where these socials take place, must ride a bus or train for two hours to get to the social and have a place to stay. The socials in each city last all evening, but the men are on the tours for seven to fourteen days. Usually during the tours, there are three different socials in three different cities.

Once the socials are over, the men speak with their personal interpreters to give feedback on who they were interested in and who they want to stay in touch with. The interpreters already know the womens view of the men who attended and introduced themselves,and have voiced their opinions toward certain men. If the chemistry is right, a second meeting is arranged and it’s very possible that these two people will stay in touch after the man returns to his country.

If things continue to go forward and love is found, the man will return by himself to stay in the ladies country and visit his newfound love. It is a fact that any decent foreign or Russian Ukraine woman will never show affection or feelings for a man until they meet them face to face, so never expect more than simple conversations in your mailings or face to face meetings. If a foreign woman ever tells you that she loves you before you have had a reasonable amount of time together, there is something wrong and it could possibly be a scam.

Do not confuse Romance tours with sex tourism. The ultimate goal of a sex tourist is usually not marriage, and the women tend to watch for signs of this. Although the rumors from womens groups will always be around regarding these tours, the truth is, that the tours are safe, are conducted in a closed setting, usually the ballroom of a grand hotel, and are staffed with agency personnel.

These are consenting adults looking to meet each other in a social setting. A good agency will also provide around the clock phone support in that city for both the men and women to voice any complaints. The only difference between these socials in an overseas location, or in the USA, is that the money involved in traveling overseas is substantial enough to weed out many of the losers and sex tourists, plus, you need to be a member of the agency to register for the socials, so all of your information is on file. To make things even safer, the IMBRA Act ( international Marriage Brokers Act) assured that all men are checked out before obtaining any specific address or contact information on the ladies, among other background checks and regulations.

No matter which website you visit, inevitably you are going to see the claims – We are the best, the biggest, the greatest! How do you decide whom to trust? How do you sort through the “puffing” and get to the facts? There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing a company to assist you on one of the most important searches of your life.

Before deciding, always conduct some type of independent research of the company; call past tour clients, check their reputation on the web using forums or news groups, ask friends, check with the Better Business Bureau. Be confident that what they are telling you is actually true, and actually what you will receive!

Every week hundreds of single men pack their bags and travel half way around the world in hopes of finding a Russian or Ukraine bride.Our foreign bride dating and introduction business , along with AFA Romance Dating Tours, has grown exponentially in popularity with dozen of Russian Ukraine dating sites promoting Foreign Brides, Russian Brides, & Romance tours and cruises. The most popular dating service, Romance Dating Tours, is one of AFA’s Most Prized services.


Title: Dating Sexy Ukrainian Ladies With Antiscam Protection

A reliable Marraige Agency makes not only simple arrangement of your meeting but will assist you until you create a long-term relationship or marry the Ukrainian bride.
The fact that all ladies at the catalog are from one town is a good sign. It means that the agency does not accept ladies profiles sent by internet.
This way you have a guarantee that you will find a REAL lady, sincerely motivated to find the man of her dreams. is one of the reliable International Marriage and Dating Agencies with 100% antiscam protection. Free catalog of beautiful Ukrainian and beautiful Russian ladies, only family oriented ladies, online webchat , antiscam protection, private tours to Kharkiv, Ukraine, documents for fiancee visa, happy love stories


Title: Dating A Ukrainian Bride

After Russia , Ukraine has the biggest in numbers of women using the Internet superhighway to find love and romance and, perhaps, a better life. But how many of these women are for real? How many wants love, marriage and a family in a far off country? You may be very surprised, but not so many as you have probably imagined.
Surprisingly enough after talking with a cross-section of men recently arrived in Kyiv from Western Europe, the USA and Canada on marriage tours, not as many as you would think are interested in pursuing marriage. Most of these men had been communicating with these women for many months, on the assumption that their dream women was ready to up her roots and start a family in another country, many of these guys had their dreams of arriving and meeting their fairy story bride shattered. The three most common complaints mentioned by these men were:

I. The women said she had had second thoughts and was not ready to marry at such short notice.

2. The women said that her life in Ukraine was not so bad and she had no immediate plans to leave the country.

3. The women seemed only interested in visiting good restaurants and having a good time, usually at the high expense of the guy.

Terry a IT specialist from New York said ” It seemed very strange “. Terry had been communicating with Nastya from Kyiv for over 7 months before deciding to make the long trip to Ukraine . “I was very surprised when we finally met, after so many e mails and letters, as soon as the subject of marriage and future plans was mentioned she backed off.

It was as though I was talking to a completely different girl. She said she didn’t want to get married so soon and that she was nervous about relocating to the USA,” said Terry. Yes marriage and relocation to another country is a very big step for anyone especially a young women, but shouldn’t that be a consideration before a person enlists the services of a marriage agency, not after the guy you have been writing ‘sweet nothings’ for 6 months and then arrives at Boryspil Airport?

Many guys who have been corresponding with ladies through marriage agencies have had the same experience with girls from the Ukraine. What some people don’t consider as that this is a ‘win win’ situation for the ladies, It costs them nothing. The risk is the man’s. She waits for the agency to contact her, or she collects the letters and gifts all for free, while the man uses his one vacation a year, buys a ticket, rents an apartment in Kyiv and lays his heart on the line.

It can be a big problem for guys using a marriage agency, where you have little direct contact with the lady other than e mails and letters before a meeting, if you decide to use a marriage agency you must be very careful and use only a premium agency and not just an address seller.

Marriage agencies do attract negative publicity, and are still seen as somewhat exploitative, but it is worth remembering that they exist everywhere.
In general, potential Ukrainian brides seekers should be careful when choosing an agency and ask those sensitive tough questions before hopping on a plane or forking out a lot of money for that one ‘special girl’. There are many genuine ladies looking for long-term involvement, but there are also many girls more excited by the prospect of ‘no strings’ fun with comparatively well-off foreign man.

A common and easy way to meet eastern European ladies is on an interactive dating site such as Artem Bazykin marketing director of says “sites such as ours give potential Ukrainian Bride hunters the opportunity, to communicate in a safe environment, many of our members after a short while will exchange personal numbers, e mails and often move onto Skype to communicate further and build a solid image of each other’s personality.

We see our site as a stepping stone to a long term relationship, and our instant messaging feature allows our members to quickly communicate and gain a better image of the lady”.
Best of luck in your searches.


Yahoo Answers:

Question: Are there any legitimate Russian Dating sites?

[QUESTION TITLE] Are there any legitimate Russian Dating sites? – Asked on 2009-08-20

[Question] – I know that many of these Russian Dating sites are scams – are there any out there that are real and reliable?

[Answer 1] – There are both real and reliable dating sites as well as scams. The best way is to get the contact information of the ladies as soon as possible to eliminate any dating agency from your communications. This way you are protected from dating agencies who want to make their money off your correspondence and will be certain to correspond with the lady not with a hired author.

Always get the lady’s address and home number as soon as possible. Sending her flowers by an independent florist, not through an agency is a great way to verify if she is real. As soon as you get the lady’s phone number, give her a call. I highly recommend Prime Language Services for any Russian language needs. They will work with you to develop a budget to fit your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact them to find out the options.

In addition to using dating sites fill out a profile on popular Russian social networking sites, such as, create a good introductory letter and contact ladies for free. This way you will meet real girls looking for relationship and romance, not only the ones looking to marry a foreigner and get a green card.

[Answer 2] – I spent a couple of years getting scammed by marriage agencies in the Ukraine. They are really good at what they do and it took me a while to realise what was going on. I was ready to give up on the whole idea when I came across I’m married to a Russian beauty thanks to them

[Answer 3] – Sorry – you are misinformed. The vast majority of the Russian dating websites are legitimate. Their pricing structures are wildly different. Some run on “points” and can cost you hundreds – or thousands – of dollars per year. That’s because you pay 10 “points” per letter written, 1 point to read one, 50 points for a video teleconference, and 100 points to send her roses. Exchanging any contact information before a certain point (in spending) is blocked.

Others simply charge a fixed rate for one of 2 or 3 levels of access, and you can use it all you want for that fee. One I saw recently gave “Gold” or total access to all catalogs and all website features for US$99 per year. “Silver” access gave access to perhaps 2/3 of everything (and every girl) for US$29 per year.

Then there are the tour companies – those that sell the “Romance Tours”. Imagine being flown to an FSU city, and put into a so-so hotel. Then 2 or 3 times during your 2-week stay, about 40 or 50 guys are put into a hotel banquet hall with about 1000 local women (really!) – almost all of them MUCH younger than you! You establish contact with them based on 10 minutes of conversation, then another is shoved in front of you for the same.

You have a few days to “date” whoever strikes your fancy. Then you must decide (if at all) who to marry. This is a great way of getting laid, but a horrible way to choose a Life Partner. Most women who attend are looking for Party Time at your expense. Many of the others are trying to earn a Green Card on their back. Bad idea!

It’s the individual girls who might be potentially scammers – but very few statistically. I would say far less than ONE percent. Part of the cost of the more expensive websites is their extensive vetting of the legitimacy of the girls – at least that they are who they say they are. Personal interviews, identity checks, and criminal background checks. They also assist with translators (letter, IM, and voice) and with travel bookings. (Essential factoid: do not go to a hotel in the FSU: rent a furnished apartment by the day instead.)

The less expensive sites put more responsibility on vetting them on you. Not as difficult as it sounds: Get her physical (NOT mailing) address. Contract one of the Russian florist websites to send her some flowers (NEVER an even number, and NEVER yellow!). Upon request, the florist will request ID, and take a photo of the lady with her flowers. Then the florist will e-mail you the photo. For the cost of a few roses you will have an identity check, an address check, and a photo check.

Is her love genuine? THAT you must figure out for yourself – just like every other man who wanted to get married …. Your biggest pitfall will be communications – occasional language problems, but most definitely cultural differences!

[Answer 4] – The vast majority of the sites are legit, but you need to read the fine print carefully. I tend to prefer sites with a long track record, especially those based in the US, Canada, Austrailia, or the EU, because those areas have tough law enforcement. You need to be especially careful about companies based in Russia, but there are some good ones there too. Just do your homework.

The companies that offer tours are a very good bet, because they really make their money on the tours and they want you happy enough to take the tours. Remember, for all of these companies scammers are a huge problem, so they are very tough about it.

Also, remember that some of the guys bitching about being scammed were simply unlucky in love. There is a difference. How many dates do most people go on before they find the right person? A lot, so corresponding some with a girl and not marrying her does not mean you got scammed.

Anyhow, I wish you the very best of luck in finding happiness!

[Answer 5] – Yes. If you look at it and it looks like real girls (ie not all models), then its probably legitmate. Also the fee structure should be setup in a realistic manner. It should not cost a lot to write to someone. You should not be forced to use the website. Basically it should work more or less like or something similar. You will have to pay for translated letters of course.

Don’t be overly paranoid about it, most girls want to find someone just as much as you do.

[Answer 6] – Elena’s Models


Question: Here’s my horror story about marring a russian female? ( Do ALL Soviet women evenually cheat eventually ? )

[QUESTION TITLE] Here’s my horror story about marring a russian female? ( Do ALL Soviet women evenually cheat eventually ? ) – Asked on 2007-04-18

[Question] – Wow, where do I begin?

It all started in February 2000. I started writing to a couple of Russian and Ukrainian ladies from one of those on-line mail-order-bride agencies : L*** I eventually settled upon meeting a lady (Tanya) in which I had the most common interests with.

Being new to travelling to Ukraine, I decided to go on one of the Tours to Kiev that the company was having and I invited her to stay at the hotel. She spoke almost no English so she needed to have a translator with her in order for us to understand each other. I paid for the expenses of both of these ladies, including transportation costs to and from the city of Cherkassy (where they were from).
During my stay in Kiev, I met no other women except Tanya (and her translator). I talked to no other women. I did not go to the nightly socials that the tour company was holding.

It seemed a bit odd to me that Tanya held very little interest in me, and was actually quite bored.

[Answer 1] – Any time you say ALL, you are wrong. Exceptions to every rule.

[Answer 2] – Ouch! I am so sorry that you were taken for such a horrid ride by this woman.

[Answer 3] – its must be hard to learn all that about your wife…but life does go on. maybe it’s better this way before wasting anymore time of your life with someone who doesn’t love you. go out there and find real love.

[Answer 4] – you get what you pay for – you wanted to order a relationship like it was a drive-thru and it just doesn’t work like that – sorry

[Answer 5] – Wish I could believe your story, but I don’t.

Even if it is true, my comments would be…

You write a few emails, fly to Ukraine, and expect her to sleep with you in your hotel, and expect her to hold your hand, etc. Seems you are the kind of man they claim Westerners are – you think that travelling 7000 miles entitles you to sleep with her on the first night. You sought a prostitute, and you got one.

The reason I don’t believe your story is that it reeks with things that are not cultural for a Ukrainian woman. Also, someone who can afford $10,000 jewelry and $800,000 houses wouldn’t be on Yahoo answers writing dissertation like your post, seeking answers from this community.

[Answer 6] – That’s what you get for being stupid. What did you expect? That she was going to love and worship you forever?
Next time try actually meeting normal people in your own country and not taking the shortcut of a mail-order bride program.

[Answer 7] – Dude i am very sorry for ur experiences. It looks like american women arent the only ones who dont have any morals left. In this day and age everyone is looking out for themselves and they have lost all of their love to give to their soulmate.

Now let me address that blunt dude. He is rude and not very smart. Just because this guy was looking for a russian woman doesnt mean that he is desperate and a loser. He probably is looking for a good family woman to love and raise a family with. Now to someone like blunt this translates into a loser which goes to show that blunt isnt very different from that russian girl this man went out with.

I have a few suggestions for looking for women. You must find them in a place that teaches about compassion, warmth, understanding and commitment.
Have u tried any local church youth single meetings and get togethers? These places teach a woman how to be a family woman and shows them that marriage is the ultimate relationship between a man and a woman.

Why do u think america has a 65% divorce rate? Why do u think im very cautious when looking for any potential woman to have a true relationship with. I feel your pain man. My parents even took me back to their homeland to find a nice girl but i wasnt interested in any of them as they have lost most of their values.

Try the church thing man, i think it will help alot

[Answer 8] – What do you expect? They are all hungry and desperate and they end up marrying this poor losers here in USA.

Then they get smart and know that they are beutiful walking barbies and they can do much better than living in a trailer or being with an old and ugly dude.

Of course they can do better…hello??? If a man cannot get a woman here, he’s no one catch…not even for a hungry russian girl.

Sorry, but that’s what you get by marrying someone based on looks and physical atraction, you have to know the person before making any type of commitment. She didn’t even speak english for heaven’s sake and you put her through college and give her a car…HELLO???????????.

Good luck

[Answer 9] – No, not all Russian women are like this. Only the mail-order brides! Duh! Was there a shortage of women in Canada? Is that why you decided to go all the way to Russia to meet and eventually marry a woman? What is it that attracted you to ‘this’ anyway? This form of meeting women, that is? Why would you want to marry someone who 1) doesn’t speak your language, 2) has serious health problems and 3) goes for ‘mail-order?’

Also, I noticed over the years, that men (and women) who boast about themselves aren’t worth very much. What is it, an ego-booster? Or are they compelled to glorify themselves because no one else will? Mail-order brides, from what I’m told, have poor values and low self-esteem. They’re either sick, or poor, or crazy — desperate in some way to get hitched to some poor schmuck or flee the country, hoping to get help, get money and get laid.

You fell for it, it was your own doing. Don’t blame the girl; she didn’t actually force you to marry her. Why even continue seeing someone, or pursue a relationship, w/ someone who shows no interest in you? She cheated on you because you were her ticket out; not b/c she cared about you, loved you or valued your relationship. You gave her what she needed, her health back and enough money to enjoy it, finally. You paid for her education; but in essence it was in your favor, b/c like it or not, she taught YOU a lesson!


Question: What is the best way to search russian women profiles interested in marriage?

[QUESTION TITLE] What is the best way to search russian women profiles interested in marriage? – Asked on 2012-03-27

[Question] – The free one: the largest social dating in Europe, with 100 million members.

You need to save money to travel, at least $ 5000 or more (by tours). Or less if you set up everything yourself, like the hotels, without tours. The best way is to meet them first or chat with them first with webcams (Skype) before you meet them. Set up as many meetings as possible. Chat with them when you come back home and get to know them better.

This is a good and legitimate one: I have been to their office in Kiev, Ukraine. They also have offices in Russia and in the US. They have romance tours, so double function: traveling and meeting women simultaneously. This is the company which this movie “Two Brothers and a Bride” was based on, with David Arquette in it. Or if you don’t want to spend time chatting, you can just travel to a designated country, ie: Moscow, go to their office, look at their database and set up dates with the cost around $ 50 per date.

The whole thing will be a fun, awesome and exciting experience: finding your bride. You will meet the most beautiful women in the world. And you can find a good wife there, and like everywhere else in the world, you might find the materialistic ones-those who only want your money or travel out of their country. When you decide to marry her (fiancee visa first) make sure to have her sign a prenuptial agreement.
This is the key in finding the right one: meet the girls with good values/ principles, whose parents are not divorced, and whose parents are good, church-going Christians. From your side, go to church, pray more often, and ask God to be given wisdom, directions and inspirations to find the right wife.

Be careful, a lot of these marriage dating agencies are scams. To them, it’s a business. Many are mafia-run. There are places where they have offices where girls get paid to spend time on the computers to answer men’s letters, or chat with them. Do not send any money.

God bless you and all your family.

[Answer 1] – Via the internet. I had a friend that was interested in doing this…turns out (no surprise here) that all the girls seemed to be interested in was the money…Good luck with that.



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