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Title: Ukrainian And Russian Mail Order Brides ” Are You Sure Her Heart Is Yours?

As a result, many Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides are a bit skeptical yet cautiously optimistic when a man begins to write to them. Your girl may really feel something for you yet in the back of her mind she won’t commit to you until she knows for sure that you are sincere and this doesn’t come from writing beautiful letters or sending her gifts or flowers although this is a good start.

The other sad fact is that while you are writing to her not only are there other guys perhaps in your own country writing to her’and guys from all over the world writing to her if she is particularly attractive, there are guys in her own hometown that are vying for her attention and affection. You have to admit that a local guy does have a hand up over you with your Ukrainian or Russian mail order bride.

Letters, phone calls, gifts, flowers and the like are great but a local guy definitely has the upper hand in winning her heart if he has the honest intention of doing so. This might drive you a little crazy and make you want to just give up and quit writing to her but I would caution against this. You do have a lot to offer a Russian or Ukrainian mail order bride that a guy from her own hometown doesn’t have. You have a lot going for you and it’s just a matter of busting through the bs and actually get about the business of winning her heart.

It might seem like an overwhelming task given that you are probably several thousand miles away but the truth is that if you know what you’re doing you can be her knight in shining armor and have her devoted to you and you alone quite easily. Once you understand what makes these women tick and see how different they are than the women in your own country you are well prepared to win her heart and hand for all time and have for yourself a woman that will devote her life to you and you alone.


Title: Truths About Ukrainian And Russian Mail Order Brides

The truth is that sometimes ‘too good to be true’ and actually be ‘true’! Don’t dismiss the opportunity of a lifetime simply because you have been treated poorly in the past by women in your own country. You have to understand that these women are not from your own country. They live thousands of miles away and grew up in a culture that values completely different things that the society that you grew up in.

For instance, you have been literally trained by women in your own country to believe that the things that are of primary importance are good looks, money and the things that money can by. After all, how many rich men do you see with younger beautiful wives? It is almost an accepted part of our society that if you have money you can have a younger, more beautiful wife.

Russian and Ukrainian women, and the women that you will find on mail order bride websites in particular, are more concerned with a man’s character and heart than his net worth. Think about this for a moment. What do you know about Russian and Ukrainian society? It was based upon a socialist or communist government where everyone worked for the betterment of the entire country and not for their own enrichment. Don’t you think that this might have had some sort of effect upon how your Russian or Ukrainian mail order bride grew up? Don’t you think that certain principles have been passed down to her from her parents and grandparents? That, yes, it is nice to have nice things but that family and community is more important than things and money.

For the typical woman that you will find on a Ukrainian or Russian mail order bride website love is the most important thing in the world. Building a deep and lasting loving relationship is their goal. They will literally go to the ends of the earth for the man that they feel is their ‘beloved’. They will leave behind everything that they know and travel to a foreign country where they don’t know the language’ where they don’t have any friends other than you all for the sake of true love.

You might ask why they don’t simply marry a man in their own country. The fact is that if they could find a suitable partner in their own country you wouldn’t see their faces on a mail order bride website. The truth is that statistically there are far fewer available men in Russia and Ukraine than there are women. Women outnumber men at a rate of 10 women for every 8 men which also makes many men hesitant to settle down. But if the girl that you are interested in could find an available man in her own town don’t you think that she would want to stay close to her family, friends and all that she knows?

So take some time and put yourself in her position for a bit. Think about how important it must be for her to find a suitable partner. Think of all that she has done to reach out to you from across the miles. Think about the time that she spends writing letters and having pictures taken to create a profile on a mail order bride website so she can find her beloved man. Do you think that she is just looking for money or could it be that she is sincere in her desire to find the love of her life’ just like you. A Ukrainian or Russian mail order bride doesn’t want your money or gifts’ she wants your heart, your attention, your caring and your love.


Title: Bringing Your Ukrainian Or Russian Mail Order Bride Home

Time ‘ Schedule some time off of work so your new wife doesn’t feel isolated and become lonely during her first days in your country. Take some time to show her around your town. Show her where things are such as the grocery store, park and shopping mall are. Many things that you take for granted are going to be completely foreign to her. Everything from how traffic signals are situated at an intersection to how different food products are packaged are going to be completely different from what she is used to. Be patient and understanding with her as she slowly adjusts to her new life.

Time in general should be something that you need to devote to your wife and your marriage. Just like any relationship, time is something that can’t be bought or replaced with ‘quality time’ or gifts. She will want to spend time with you and if you are constantly busy with work or want to go off and do your own thing she is going to wonder how devoted you are to her and your relationship.

Friends ‘ Be sure to introduce her to some of your friends especially your friend’s wives. Ukrainian and Russian culture is a little different than Western culture and the bond between friends is a lot stronger and closer than you might imagine or realize. There is a very good chance that your Russian Mail Order Bride will appreciate having a female friend to go shopping with or cook with for gatherings. She might love you to death but having female friends is a part of who she is. Plan ahead and see if you can find a wife of one of your buddies who can check in on her from time to time while you’re at work and take her out shopping.

Finding other Russian or Ukrainian people in your local area will help also. In most metropolitan areas there are meetup groups or even small communities of Russian and Ukrainian people. Giving her the opportunity to talk with people that speak her own language and have been through the adjustment to moving to your country will help her tremendously. If you have ever traveled abroad you can understand this; when you do run across someone from your home country it’s almost as if you have found a long lost friend. If nothing else, helping your wife to connect with people from her own country will help her to perhaps feel a little less homesick.

Understanding ‘ In order to really understand culture shock you have to experience it. Imagine being in a country where nobody speaks your language and everything is foreign to you. Even the simplest task becomes complicated because you might not be able to read street signs or the label on something in the grocery store. Even purchasing something becomes frightening because you can’t understand the cashier.

Understand that if your new wife doesn’t speak your language what might start off as an exciting adventure may very well turn into a nightmare for her very quickly. Your understanding and help can be the difference between the success and failure of your marriage. Even letting her know that you understand how difficult all of this is for her will help. Put yourself in her place and imagine leaving everything that you ever knew. Really think about it. How would you feel?

These are only a few tips that should help your Ukrainian or Russian Mail Order Bride to adjust to the move to your country a little easier. With some patience, understanding and a little planning you will greatly improve not only the success of your marriage but also the depth of your relationship with your new wife.


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Question: Are any of these Russian “mail order brides” legitimate?

[QUESTION TITLE] Are any of these Russian “mail order brides” legitimate? – Asked on 2012-02-07

[Question] – Do any relationships with these women result in long-term marriages?

Thank you for your response.

[Answer 1] – Q: “Are any of these Russian “mail order brides” legitimate?”
A: most of those “brides” are stolen (from social networks such, etc) photos of innocent Russian/Ukrainian/Belorussian girls/women by NON-Russian men.
Check those IP’s – they are NOT located in FSU.

@Kittysue: “Considering Russia has the world’s highest divorce rate…”
A: sources???!!!
@Kittysue: “And any woman who goes online specifically to find a husband in a foreign country is going to be looking for money or a greencard, not love.”
A: ANY???!!! Ok, then ANY NON-Russian man, who is looking for Russian/Ukr/Belorussian woman is pervert, fat, lazy western loser, who is not “desirable” by his own female compatriots; who earns less than 50-70-100 K (what are those “limits” set by western women in cases when his salary sucks?), who is looking for “cheap” sexy toy to implement his vulgar fantasies; who doesn’t consider Woman (and Russian in particular) human being, but commodity and servant (slave?).
Btw, many of them are looking for wives (who don’t know local laws) to gain credits, “marriage bonuses” e.g. to pay less income tax etc etc etc…

Not to mention about those “serial wife importers” who bring foreign women to western countries to abuse them before kicking them out and replacing them with a new woman every 2-4 years.

There are a lot of stories about jobless lazy asses, who married well-educated Russian/Ukr/Belorussian women only to gain homebuyer credit, forcing those wives to work, while sitting at homes themselves, and make them pay for all of that!!!
There are also a lot of stories about men of all races, who want white/whiter babies. After 2-3 years of such a “marriage” they kick those women out! After using them as “bearing baby machines”!
So, who the hell is materialistic huh? Who is looking for “advantages & bonuses”?

[Answer 2] – Personally if you want to find love, looking on the internet, especially for a foreign wife is not a good idea. You have to be careful, this is the internet we’re talking about and for all you know the person you are talking to is possibly either not Russian or really ugly! For all you know some of those pictures could be pictures of American Russian women, or women pictures that people find all over the internet! I wouldn’t even go onto those find a Russian bride site, to me its slavery.

Many men get scammed trying to find a Russian wife or a good time, and not only that but vise-versa too! Some women end up dead, end up being lied to (some men will tell them they are rich, and they get to America and find out that this isn’t even true), or they just are looking for someone with money. Sometimes they end up as “house slaves” since the stereotype out there is that they are housekeepers and man pleasers.

I think this is a stupid idea, you know that most men who look for a wife from a Russian speaking, or Eastern European country only want to marry them for their looks, so that they can have sex with them, or because they want a more submissive wife.

One problem, Russian women are nothing like that of a pervert’s imagination! Yes you can have preferences, and maybe date some of these women, but don’t count on any marriage.

No I don’t think that all Russian women looking for love on the internet are looking for someone that is rich, but if you have any common sense at all, you will not look for a Russian wife over the internet. Why don’t you learn the language fluently and they might come around you more! Yes they can probably speak English, but they want to teach their children Russian and maybe raise them in the Russian temperament. You might not also be rich enough to see their family in wherever they live in Russia.

A woman who has respect for herself will not be looking for a foreign husband, that would be more of
a last resort if anything!

[Answer 3] – I am a British guy married to a Ukrainian national ( and we did not meet through any dating agency )

We regularly meet and talk to guys when we pass through airports on our way to visit friends and family in Ukraine.

Guys who are travelling out to meet there virtual girlfriends. What we find when talking to friends who work driving taxis in Kiev is that most of these girls will meet a different guy every week. The agencies are quite often American owned and rip people off for a lot of money.

We do not know any guys who have met someone they married through any of the ” mail order ” bride sites.

No decent girl from Ukraine or Russia is going to move half way around the world to live with someone she has just met for a couple of weeks or chatted to on the internet.

[Answer 4] – Only in imagination of sex perverts.

It is pretty funny how conclusions about statistics are made when UN has data only for 57 countries for 2009, great part of which are small islands.
They even do not have USA in that list AT ALL.
And in many countries it is almost impossible for woman to get divorced. But it doesn’t mean that families there live as in full of love paradise.’¦

[Answer 5] – I think the term “mail order brides” creates confusion, and in many times gives the wrong impression about these women. The term is obsolete, and it has no relevance in today’s society. It is no different than joining an international dating site and giving you an opportunity to find love. It would be a pity not to enjoy all the good things the internet has to offer, including helping you to connect with people from other parts of the world.

To understand why these women look for love in other parts of the world means to understand the eastern European countries mentality. Most of the time, the woman is the one supporting the family now days, and being hard working is in their nature, because this is how they were grew up. They don’t expect to find wealthy men, they are looking for men that can offer them the RESPECT and attention that they need. In eastern European countries it is common for women to be neglected and not treated with enough respect by men that think they own them.

I am the Manager of We are an international dating community that connects Romanian women with gentlemen from the USA and Canada. To prevent scams, and to respect the US Laws and give our members a Quality Experience, we verify every member individually. I meet with every woman and although my American partner and I just launched this community, we see educated, smart women coming to us to request our services. The words that they use are not “I want a man with money” they say “I want a man that will respect me and that will be able to make a family with me” .

Women are women, and depending on how you treat them, they will react in a certain way. Women from all over the world are looking for a man that can create and sustain a family, even if they work and have money. This doesn’t mean he needs to be wealthy, but means he is capable and serious about family life. While respecting and valuing the husband and wife relationship as partners.

[Answer 6] – I am Russian. My American husband and I met online when I actually was already living in US. We have a real marriage. 5 years together.It was expensive for us to do everything right, but it worth it. My friend, she is Russian too, met her husband online before she came to US. She is married to her American prince for 6 years.They have a kid. And I have tons of stories like ours.

I agree there are a lot of Russian women who will see only a green card in a ny American man, but it is so obvious that you will recognizer it! *wink

American men who married to Russian women, and marriage is real, are very happy. Russian women are very good wives, amazing companions, amazing mothers, very patient and caring. they are adapting to the culture.Plus they are taking care of the way they look whole life.

it is possible to find a Russian bride who will sincerely be looking for love but not for green card. Russian women are trying to escape from Russia because there are no perspectives. Everybody wants to be happy.

[Answer 7] – they are legit, but it is expensive to get them to this country, lots of paperwork also. the trend is to get into this country, fulfill their obligations of the marriage, and usually find someone who has more money than you. generally not a long term relationship !!! unless you are extremely lucky or wealthy.

[Answer 8] – OK. I have been using the services of for over 5 years and I have traveled to Ukraine 6 times in the last 5 years to meet women I have corresponded with. I can tell you that even though the women are genuinely friendly and they are serious about finding a foreign man to marry they are no different from women anywhere.

They have feelings and they also know exactly what they want in a man. Some say they are only looking for a man with money but I say all women everywhere are looking for men with money. That being said you will never find a woman anywhere that will fall in love and marry you from correspondence only. You have to go to them and see them in their natural city. THIS IS EXPENSIVE!!! Don’t fool yourself.

It does not matter if they live across the country or half way around the world, romance can only be found when you are looking into each others eyes. I have a wonderful girlfriend in Odessa Ukraine and we have been corresponding with all the resources available to us. Letters, chats. phone calls and emails but the only way we have become truly close is because I have gone to spend time with her 4 times. If you are serious about finding a real woman to love and who loves you you have to go and meet her.

Most of the marriage agencies are making their money providing translated letters, chats, and phone calls. They really do not care if you find someone or not. The local agencies in Ukraine and Russia pay the girls to keep men chatting and writing letters so the only real way to know the girl you are corresponding with is to go see her yourself. I run a tour company that does just this. My company takes men to Odessa and introduces them to real, honest and serious women that want to marry a foreign man. Then my company provides many exciting and romantic programs that let you work and play with a nice woman from Odessa. Dating is dating! Be careful but have fun!

[Answer 9] – Considering Russia has the world’s highest divorce rate, I doubt it. And any woman who goes online specifically to find a husband in a foreign country is going to be looking for money or a greencard, not love. If she were looking for love, she would be looking closer to home.

EDIT – there are plenty of articles and statistics showing Russia has the highest divorce rate‘¦’¦ — has Russia second after Belarus’¦

[Answer 10] – It’s legit but it’s really rude to ask this in my opinion something about it. I don’t like.


Question: Benefits and disadvantage of marrying a mail order bride? (specifically ukrainian) sensible answer only please?

[QUESTION TITLE] Benefits and disadvantage of marrying a mail order bride? (specifically ukrainian) sensible answer only please? – Asked on 2012-10-17

[Question] – What would be the benefit? would they be loyal and loving as i would to them? and when meeting them for the first time, how long would i have to be with her her before asking to marry?

[Answer 1] – The answer depends upon expectations of both parties involved as well as local laws.

You get what you pay for seems to fit. The effort you put into the relationship will be determined by the value of the relationship to you and to her.

Marriage is a contract. It is not necessarily romantic in nature. But romance makes it a lot more fun.

Can you honor the terms of the contract? Can you trust her to honor the terms of the contract?

It really is that simple. Unless you can choose to honor the contract without hurt and anger, wait for love. Even with love, hurt and anger are unavoidable. It’s just easier to forgive if love is also a factor.

You probably don’t even have to meet her to marry her. Some places allow you to marry without ever meeting. But making it “official” requires a meeting.


Do I really need to repeat what others have said? Scams are prevalent. If you are serious about this method, check sources and information.

That said, there is nothing morally or legally wrong with marrying for convenience. BUT you have to be willing to honor the contract in its fullest. You have to be willing to do the same things that you would if you married for love. Can you put your life on the line for a woman/wife you don’t love? It’s part of the contract. Can you ignore other women for the sake of a wife you don’t love? It’s part of the contract. Can you trust her to be a “good” wife if she doesn’t love you?

[Answer 2] – No Ukrainian woman is going to marry some random guy she has only met for a short time unless she is using you for a passport or money, or both. If she was looking for love she’d be dating you for at least a year before marriage would even be discussed.

[Answer 3] – Benefits :

1) Language barrier. Neither of you will understand what’s coming out of each other’s mouths, adding to general peaceful atmosphere.
2) She will cook and clean.
3) You will have conjugal relations.

Disadvantages :

1) She WILL learn English, and fast, as Ukranians are generally smart. Once this happens, expect to fight, as they tend to be opinionated and strong willed.
2) Once she has determined she can do better, she WILL move on. With or without you. And by this point, she’d have a green card and be a legal resident.

[Answer 4] – Jesus God, man – are you crazy? Your chances are next to minus nothing… unless you’re looking to be taken for a ride through your bank account. Many of these agencies (Uncle Ivan Greater Moskva Emigration and Dating Service – we make deal now? You sign here?) are Mafia-run scams – who ya gonna sue to recover?

Besides – what’s the matter with a home-grown, corn-fed girl? Still plenty of good ones around! Try looking and not lurking! Sharpen up your social skills and get on the ball here, Pilgrim!

[Answer 5] – They heyday of mail order brides from the former Soviet Bloc was the early 1990s. You’re about 20 years too late.

[Answer 6] – Who pays the return postage ?


Question: Couple questions regarding Russian mail-order brides?

[QUESTION TITLE] Couple questions regarding Russian mail-order brides? – Asked on 2012-07-06

[Question] – 1)Are there really alot of russian women who want marry foreigners and start a family with them?
2) Why do russian women despise russian men? I heard its because of prevalent alcoholism among males and also because social norms in russia give men the right to make their wives serve them as they please. Is that true?
3)I heard that it is widely accepted in Russian culture for husbands to have mistresses?
4) Do russian women only go after white foreigners or latino, black etc. as well?

[Answer 1] – There is a preliminary point which I thought would go without saying – plainly, there is no such thing as a “mail order bride” in the sense of an old Sears Roebuck or Montgomery Ward catalog. However, whilst I have never fully looked into it, it does appear that during the Stalin period there came into existence catalogues of women seeking marriage.

It is not surprising. There were two revolutions (the second was the Communist putsch funded by the Germans), the dissolution of the family and marriage by Lenin, the attack on the church, the Civil War, collectivization, confiscation of land, the various purges, the Terror Famine in Ukraine and the NAZI invasion. The country was in chaos for 30 years and all the usual means of meeting a spouse – family, church and village – were under attack.

It is noticeable that a disproportionate share of the women who use dating agencies are from Eastern Ukraine, which was under Russian rule before the First World War. Western Ukraine has many fewer participants. This is even though wages are generally higher in Eastern Ukraine.

Western Ukraine was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was relatively libertarian – unlike the social/fascist/communist party (there is really no difference between the NAZIs and the Communists, unless you are one of them). In the result, there is an acceptance of Internet dating in the old Soviet Empire, that there is not in other places.

As to the first question – There are a lot because there are a lot of Russians, but most of the girls these days come from Ukraine, as it is a lot poorer, as it does not have oil and gas resources. Russia may become more available, if the oil price crashes. So it is only a very small minority, but that is a lot of people.

As to the second question – Russian and Ukrainian women do not despise their men. You will be a second choice. But the sex ratios are skewed in Russia and Ukraine, because of early deaths of men, particularly from alcohol. Further, many more women than men complete University, so there is a shortage of good men. It is a bit the way it is hard for an American women of color to get a husband that she is proud of. The divorce rate is also high, so there is often a slight preference for an older man, because he might settle down and cash now is valued more than future prospects.

It is true that Russian men can be tough and aggressive, but in my experience, so can Russian women. There is a Russian saying that “the woman is the neck and the man is the head”. You will not get a submissive woman, but you will get someone who is not so stupid that she thinks that your success is independent of hers. Hard times teach good lessons.

As to the third question of mistresses, if you have money, it is true. But the rules against adultery are worn more lightly in Russia, than in the West, so do not be surprised if your wife cheats on you on holiday, if you do not watch her.

As to the fourth question, in my experience, Russians are much more leary of interracial dating, than say Americans. Anything is, of course, possible, but I would not get your hopes up. It is a big step getting involved with a caucasian foreigner.

Some general comments – If you send money, many will keep you around, whether they like you or not. It is not a good strategy.

If a web site does not make it easy for you to contact the women directly, it is probably a scam. That should be the first thing you check.

You will have a lot of opposition from women – they do not like foreign competition, any more than GM does.

There are scammers. A lot of the challenge is to weed these out.

My view is that if you are divorced and have money, you are better off looking in Russia or Ukraine, than in the West, but if you bring them back to your country, expect many of them to go native, pretty quickly.

It is not a cheap process and you must have game – because Russian and Ukrainian women will try you out very fast and if you fail will dominate you and despise you. You have to be a man – see, for example,

If you find yourself making excuses for the girl, then you should dump her.

You must go there and meet her. A lot of women are paid to respond to letters and they have no interest in you whatever.

Do not expect locals to be supportive. It offends nationalism.

You should sign a pre-nuptial agreement and you should think about giving her a house straight up, if she comes from a village. Why? Houses are usually cheap by our standards in the villages. You should agree to any children going back to Ukraine if you divorce and you should agree levels of child support in terms of the minimum monthly wage. It might be 2 or 3 times the minimum wage. It will still be a bargain.

They work out best if you are going to another second world country to live. You can all “live high on the hog” and feminism is merely a noise in the distance.

[Answer 2] – 1. There are indeed Russian women who are open to marrying foreigners and starting a family. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean the women are for sale or that a man can literally order a bride. Men must still be charming and have something to offer a prospective mate. What many people think of as “mail order bride” sites are actually just niche dating sites catering to men/women who want to meet singles from different areas of the world. Some of these services are shady, but many are not. They are not all human trafficking rings, scam sites like some of these answers suggest.

2/3. Russian women don’t despise Russian men. That’s a myth, though some women have had bad experiences. Same with the mistresses.

[Answer 3] – Don’t fall for the American owned dating agency scams…No decent Russian ( or Ukrainian ) woman is going to move half way around the world away from her freinds and family to live with someone she has only met for a couple of weeks off the internet. Many parts of eastern europe are now no longer second world countries women there are no longer looking to leave. The culture is much the same as in western europe. So do not fall for the media and dating agency hype.

[Answer 4] – A quick google of ‘Russian marriage scams’ will give you hours of fun reading about all the ways western men can be relieved of their cash, even sent to jail, all in order to get the ‘perfect Russian bride’ into the US of A or where ever.

Many of these scams are ‘boiler room’ operations where all the online women are actually Russian men who work 9 to 5 writing letters asking for cash for the visa, cash for the visa photos, cash for the plane, cash for the sick mother, cash to bribe officials, cash cash cash. The suckers think they are writing to Ms Wonderful and have a set of great photos to admire while writing letters answered by Igor.

[Answer 5] – Hi there,

I don’t wanna answer all your questions individually, but the reason these girls/women want a man from the western world is to obtain their citizenship. In general they don’t care about you, they just want a different citizenship. Of course there are exceptions.

Don’t be a sucker and pay any money for any of these mailorder brides.

[Answer 6] – The only reason Russian “mail order” (so degrading to women!) brides exist is because they’re captured or lured. No, why would Russian women hate Russian men? The Russian men I’ve met have been very nice. Anyhow, it seems there isn’t many women in Russia who’d marry foreigners just because they hate Russian men, after all, the majority of Russian women marry Russian men.

[Answer 7] – hehe…one more loaded question…why do Russian woman despise Russian man? – who told you that? You know that it is not so, but decided to bash Russians a bit, right? Have some insecurity complex or what? Every country which is poorer has some % women who want to merry in richer country – shall I explain why or you have enough brain at least to understand that? …Russian women go after RICH and WELL ESTABLISHED men – and such men never ask stupid questions, so you have no chance with a russian woman.

[Answer 8] – You have heard and read a lot of myths. It is possible to marry someone after you’ve met them in Russia but you don’t “mail order” someone to your address. Most of these sites are full of crap.

[Answer 9] – Good example of irony: 50 year old foreigners who are fishing for 20 year old women on shady MAILORDER bride websites are accusing Russian men of treating women like property.

[Answer 10] – The next question should be “where do I go to find a submissive Barbie doll.” I will put a star to that one…..

[Answer 11] – It’s the truth I’m afraid’¦..that Russian women aren’t stupid enough usually to move to another side of the planet to live with someone they knew only two or three weeks! The only reason why they would usually do that is because they want a visa to live in the USA, or they might be after your insurance to pay for some sugary that they have to get in the USA.

They would have a hard adjustment to make, they would have to speak English and the man would have to learn to accept Russian culture and Russian language to make life easier for her!

Sorry but that’s how it works, you can’t just marry anyone you want to marry! Most of those girls that do actually go onto those sites are either not Russian women at all, or they are looking for someone to pay for their dinner!

Most of the time it will be scams made up by American sites. Seriously though, what makes you think that Russian women are stupid enough to leave Russia, where her culture, her friends and family live and go to some place she isn’t familiar with!

A true story, this one guy ordered a mail order bride, and she came to the USA, and only stayed for a week before going back to Russia! This guy happened to be the brother of one of my dad’s co-workers! So if these women are in fact going across the world to live in some unfamiliar place, then they are lost!

Also it would help to start thinking about the Russian women as human beings instead of submissive Barbie dolls! They are humans too! This being a reason why I don’t feel sorry for those men that get scammed since a lot of them talk about how ‘ugly and independent’ American women are! It’s unfair to American women and its mostly unfair to Russian women! We are humans, we are women, we are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins and grandmas!

Besides Russian women age just like American women, so most of the time they are looking for a good-looking Russian woman.



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