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Title: Meeting A Decent Russian Woman, Personalized Marriage Agencies In Ukraine And Russian Brides

After you found the Russian woman of your dreams and you both feel the chemistry, you start a very serious and long lasting process of applying for a Fiance Visa. The process of bringing a lady in the country is different in all countries, but in the US it means applying for a K1 visa. The process of getting a visa takes from 6 to 9 months and requires lots of paperwork. But it’s absolutely real to get a visa, be accurate with the documents and read carefully all the instructions. It seems like the US Government makes the period of getting a visa so long to make sure that both man and woman are still interested to be together even after such a long time being apart.


Title: About Dating Scam In Ukraine.

Marriage agencies mention that they had 200 brides in catalogue but really they have 50 brides. The rest 150 brides are fiction and are used for meager fraud.

We had UK customer who had 3 months permanent correspondence with six ladies from marriage agency based in Kiev. He agreed with those six ladies to meet in Kiev. The man left London for Kiev and only two ladies of six he met. He was extremely astonished: he lost time, travel expenses, postponed his business to visit Ukraine. The marriage agency explained this situation as ladies were busy and would meet him the next his visiting Ukraine. The marriage agency proposed the man to continue correspondence with all ladies.

He felt himself scammed and contacted us to order background checks of four ladies which agreed to meet him but did not meet. We clarified that the ladies really existed. Their personal information was fully verified and coincided with the information which was provided by marriage agency. But these ladies knew nothing about our UK client, they didn’t write him and didn’t receive from him letters. The ladies were in contact with this marriage agency few months ago but lost their confidence and tore relationships with the marriage agency. This way the marriage agency simply used all information about past applicants for fraud.

Average waste is 180.00 USD / each victim.


Title: Marriage With Russian And Ukrainian Women For Dummies

Naturally, with the yield growth of business, there always appear people, who want to make profit out of somebody’s work. And with each search using the phrase “meet the Russian women” or “Ukrainian woman for marriage”, Yahoo gave out more and more results. And in application forms of women on different sites, one could more often find Jenifer Lopes of Angelina Jolie photos. And that’s not about lacking of beautiful women in Russia (the real situation is even contrary), but it’s about how those agencies worked and how they earned their money using foreign fiances. The later were charged almost for everything. This all was mostly about viewing women’s photos and paid-letters to those, whom they liked. There is nothing of a crime in such an activity this is the way to pay for the service of a marriage agency, which created and supports such site.

But there is a completely different situation when a site offers applications of non-existing women with someone else’s photos, and the correspondence is performed by the owner of such fake marriage agency.

Or there is another wide-spread kind of fraud the women are real, but to suck the money out of the potential fiance, agency’s employees perform the long-term correspondence (you shouldn’t forget that letters are usually pre-paid), and only after some period of time the true women learn about that correspondence.

In such a case, a man hardly knows anything about the girl he likes even after a long-term correspondence, although they seem to know each other for a long time. And finally, the last type of fraud many women, who desperately want to go abroad, give to agencies fake information about themselves. And the only solution here is that the marriage agency’s administration should control all the applicants. You can check it out in Yahoo, by finding the one and the same woman application on different sites. Maybe she needs a Green Card, not a husband?


The new times state the new rules: people meet each other on internet sites and write each other love letters using e-mail. Hope, my small article helped you to get all the necessary information about the difficulties of seeking the women abroad using international marriage agencies. But I’d like to finish my article on an optimistic note a friend of mine who lives in Texas, (the one I mentioned at the very beginning), has yet been living for four years with Elena a wonderful woman from Ukraine. She gave him the chance to start the life again after the death of his first wife, and they seem to be really happy.


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Question: Girls from Ukrainian marriage agency “UkReine” tried to recruit me to spy home.What to do?!?

[QUESTION TITLE] Girls from Ukrainian marriage agency “UkReine” tried to recruit me to spy home.What to do?!? – Asked on 2011-06-15

[Question] – I am a lonely Italian, and occasionally I found this dating web-site, for some money they promised to connect me with some girls i selected at their web-site, but after visiting some of them, i felt they they were not sincere nor romantic, they simply were not interested in me, in what i told them, and more i spoke to them, more i was disappointed.

Later in the studio they lodged me in, i found some hidden cameras and microphones in the kitchen and jakuzzi, and the girl attempted to lure me into sex, but i was vigilant, she became obsessed, like performing her duty. i came for romance, talking, as to return back 20 years, but there was nothing like that.Later, before my lonely departure it appeared that the robust stone-faced driver, who met me and took to the wreck apartment, who at first said he did not speak foreign languages, tried to recruit me primitively “to do something” on return back home.

During the conversation, he started to grin, while there was another man at the building entrance, nervously smoking, as it appears. After i asked him to leave me, he turned stone-faced again. After i left this horrible apartment and on my way to the airport, the lady again tried to talk me over into something, different from romance, but i was silent, petrified.

Frankly, i was afraid, that the girl may poison me, in order to place me to a hospital and pretend to take care of me,-i heard before of some tricks, as someone was operated on pancreas, and the lady was sort of “taking care” in the hospital, so i drank only the bottled water, it was nice. Of course, ukrainian town of Kharkov is very lovely, but it seems that the agency works under the local police cover, isn’t it? Should i report it to SISMI, that i was attempted to be recruited by foreign police?

[Answer 1] – hell yeah you should report or you can spend the rest of your life with some Ukrainian name bubba. i’m not sure how you say my asshole hurt in thier language.

[Answer 2] – porn


Question: Are there any legitimate Russian Dating sites?

[QUESTION TITLE] Are there any legitimate Russian Dating sites? – Asked on 2009-08-20

[Question] – I know that many of these Russian Dating sites are scams – are there any out there that are real and reliable?

[Answer 1] – There are both real and reliable dating sites as well as scams. The best way is to get the contact information of the ladies as soon as possible to eliminate any dating agency from your communications. This way you are protected from dating agencies who want to make their money off your correspondence and will be certain to correspond with the lady not with a hired author.

Always get the lady’s address and home number as soon as possible. Sending her flowers by an independent florist, not through an agency is a great way to verify if she is real. As soon as you get the lady’s phone number, give her a call. I highly recommend Prime Language Services: for any Russian language needs. They will work with you to develop a budget to fit your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact them to find out the options.

In addition to using dating sites fill out a profile on popular Russian social networking sites, such as, create a good introductory letter and contact ladies for free. This way you will meet real girls looking for relationship and romance, not only the ones looking to marry a foreigner and get a green card.

[Answer 2] – I spent a couple of years getting scammed by marriage agencies in the Ukraine. They are really good at what they do and it took me a while to realise what was going on.

[Answer 3] – Sorry – you are misinformed. The vast majority of the Russian dating websites are legitimate. Their pricing structures are wildly different. Some run on “points” and can cost you hundreds – or thousands – of dollars per year. That’s because you pay 10 “points” per letter written, 1 point to read one, 50 points for a video teleconference, and 100 points to send her roses. Exchanging any contact information before a certain point (in spending) is blocked.

Others simply charge a fixed rate for one of 2 or 3 levels of access, and you can use it all you want for that fee. One I saw recently gave “Gold” or total access to all catalogs and all website features for US$99 per year. “Silver” access gave access to perhaps 2/3 of everything (and every girl) for US$29 per year.

Then there are the tour companies – those that sell the “Romance Tours”. Imagine being flown to an FSU city, and put into a so-so hotel. Then 2 or 3 times during your 2-week stay, about 40 or 50 guys are put into a hotel banquet hall with about 1000 local women (really!) – almost all of them MUCH younger than you! You establish contact with them based on 10 minutes of conversation, then another is shoved in front of you for the same.

You have a few days to “date” whoever strikes your fancy. Then you must decide (if at all) who to marry. This is a great way of getting laid, but a horrible way to choose a Life Partner. Most women who attend are looking for Party Time at your expense. Many of the others are trying to earn a Green Card on their back. Bad idea!

It’s the individual girls who might be potentially scammers – but very few statistically. I would say far less than ONE percent. Part of the cost of the more expensive websites is their extensive vetting of the legitimacy of the girls – at least that they are who they say they are. Personal interviews, identity checks, and criminal background checks. They also assist with translators (letter, IM, and voice) and with travel bookings. (Essential factoid: do not go to a hotel in the FSU: rent a furnished apartment by the day instead.)

The less expensive sites put more responsibility on vetting them on you. Not as difficult as it sounds: Get her physical (NOT mailing) address. Contract one of the Russian florist websites to send her some flowers (NEVER an even number, and NEVER yellow!). Upon request, the florist will request ID, and take a photo of the lady with her flowers. Then the florist will e-mail you the photo. For the cost of a few roses you will have an identity check, an address check, and a photo check.

Is her love genuine? THAT you must figure out for yourself – just like every other man who wanted to get married …. Your biggest pitfall will be communications – occasional language problems, but most definitely cultural differences!

[Answer 4] – The vast majority of the sites are legit, but you need to read the fine print carefully. I tend to prefer sites with a long track record, especially those based in the US, Canada, Austrailia, or the EU, because those areas have tough law enforcement. You need to be especially careful about companies based in Russia, but there are some good ones there too. Just do your homework.

The companies that offer tours are a very good bet, because they really make their money on the tours and they want you happy enough to take the tours. Remember, for all of these companies scammers are a huge problem, so they are very tough about it.

Also, remember that some of the guys bitching about being scammed were simply unlucky in love. There is a difference. How many dates do most people go on before they find the right person? A lot, so corresponding some with a girl and not marrying her does not mean you got scammed.

Anyhow, I wish you the very best of luck in finding happiness!

[Answer 5] – Yes. If you look at it and it looks like real girls (ie not all models), then its probably legitmate. Also the fee structure should be setup in a realistic manner. It should not cost a lot to write to someone. You should not be forced to use the website. Basically it should work more or less like or something similar. You will have to pay for translated letters of course.

Don’t be overly paranoid about it, most girls want to find someone just as much as you do.

[Answer 6] – Elena’s Models

[Answer 7] –


Question: Are Ukrainian women getting PAID to join European dating / marriage agency sites?

[QUESTION TITLE] Are Ukrainian women getting PAID to join European dating / marriage agency sites? – Asked on 2011-12-06

I’m 47 and I would like to write to women in their 40’s, but they almost don’t even exist on marriage agency sites, why is it so?

And why are the marriage agency sites full of teenagers and 20 year old girls, no man 40 or older in his right mind will date or marry women that young, right? And the men in their late 20’s (28, 29) or early 30’s are simply too busy with their career and not ready for marriage just yet. So what’s going on here?

My view is that the dating / marriage agency sites pay these women to join and create a profile, then other men at these agencies send out FAKE letters pretending to be these women, and this then brings in revenue for the agency. Is this correct?

[Answer 1] – Depends upon the site. Lots of them yes they are bogus ads. But their are a few that are legit. You just have to know how to find them.

Try a search on kherson ukraine girls and trust me the one that is on the top is probably the most legit their is.

[Answer 2] – These are not even real women. In most cases they don’t pay anyone. The site steals pictures of amateur models and webcam girls, set up fake profiles, then someone on staff at the site is sending out the same letters to everyone. You probably noticed that you got almost the same letter from more than one girl

Most sites are just looking to get money from men – there are no women looking to get married. What 18 years old wants to get married, and to a man in his 40s? Most 18 year olds think s 25 year old is too old – and an 18 year old doesn’t need to go online to find a relationship.

If you want to meet a Ukrainian woman, then go to Ukraine and try your luck. Or look for any Ukrainian cultural or social groups where you live. There are sizeable Ukrainian populations in NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia and Los Angeles and even larger groups in Canada.



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