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Title: Dating Russian Women And Girls From Ukraine, Online Dating And Russian Matchmaking In Kharkov

There are really many nice and real girls, who are not models but they are naturally attractive, they want to have nice life, but money is not the most important thing for them, they have and like their jobs, but don’t put the career first priority in life.

It is really possible to find a good Russian girl and marry her, there’s just one advice for your marriage:

You must love you wife just as you love yourself and respect her more than yourself. Babel Talmud

“Love you wife just as you love yourself” is just retelling of commandment “love your close one as you love yourself”. Why did rabbis repeat the same commandment, as the wife is just another kind of “close one”? The Professor Kimmelman is explaining that love in often less noticeable marriage than in other relationship. At the party you can often hear people talking about their husbands and wives in the way, they would never allow to talk about their business partners (of course if they want to continue doing business with them). But if you ask a man: “Why are you saying such rough things about your wife?”, he will say: “Oh, she knows that I love her!”

It really doesn’t matter what a man think about his wife, what’s important is how she feels.


Title: Online Dating: Ukraine Style

Getting started can be a tricky aspect to any form of online dating. Ukraine has a lot to offer when it comes to meeting singles from anywhere in the world. These sites make it simple to see profiles, read about the person and send messages. Most places will allow you to contact their singles via the website for only a minimal fee. This helps keep everyone safe from people who may not be serious about meeting the site members or who may have intentions not keeping with the rules of the site.

There is one more important aspect to online dating. Ukraine, just like any other country, has standards for dating. When you do finally meet the person you have been corresponding with, you need to know what to do on a first date. Remember that these singles may never have been to your country, so if they come to visit you, it is important that you take that into consideration. It may be overwhelming to take them to a fancy dinner or nightclub right away. Maybe take them around the city and show them what your area has to offer in terms of excitement and entertainment. A tour of the area and perhaps a lunch in the local park would be more calming and inviting to someone who has never seen the place before.

Of course, different people have different desires. You will probably know your date fairly well by the time you are ready to meet them in person. Hopefully, you will know everything you need to know about them from conversing online. Dating Ukraine men and women does not need to be intimidating. They are people just like you and are searching for romance and relationships. If you are interested in Ukrainian people or culture, perhaps dating a person from Ukraine is a good option for you.


Title: Russian Girls Online Dating Ukraine

There’re really a lot of real and nice girls, who aren’t models but they’re attractive, they want to have a nice life, but money isn’t the most vital thing for them, they like their jobs, but do not put the job first priority in life.

It is possible to locate good Russian girls and marry her; there is just 1 advice for your marriage:

You should love your wife just the way you love yourself and value her more than yourself.

“Love your wife just the way you love yourself” is retelling of the commandment “love your friends as you love yourself”. Why did rabbis replicate the similar commandment, as the wife is simply another kind of “friend”? The Professor Kimmelman is clearing up that love in less obvious marriage than in another relationship. At the party you could often hear individuals talking about their wives and husbands in the way; they will never allow to talk regarding their business partners (of course if they like to continue doing business w/ them). But if you inquire a man: “Why are you saying things about your wife?”, he’ll say: “Oh, she already knows that I love her so much!”
It doesn’t really matter what a man think regarding his wife, what is important is how she feels.


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Question: What is the best online free dating site in ukraine or russian?

[QUESTION TITLE] What is the best online free dating site in ukraine or russian? – Asked on 2011-02-01

[Question] – Am trying to find out what is the best completely 100% free dating website. Some r free to sgin up to but i found with some of them you bloody have to pay to read msgs

[Answer 1] – You can try Anastasia Date. But I think it’s designed more towards people in the U.S. who are looking for someone in Ukraine / Russia.

[Answer 2] – Question is and sounds like you have found yourself doing the marriage agency website dating thing. Or more commonly known as mail order brides websites. I have to tell you if you are involved with any of these, you need to stop immediately as the girls are paid to chat or write with you and that is the only reason you will be getting all these letter from women on there. IN others words it is a huge SCAM! I know this from the fact when I lived in the Ukraine a lot of girls would work at agencies to make money.

The girls will ask you to come to visit them and will also ask you to buy them shoes, clothes and may enter to a long term, long distance relationship with you to get more and more from you. I have seen this go as far as someone buying his girlfriend an apartment. The reason they are happy about the long distance thing is that usually already have a boyfriend.

So that is my warning and if you get burned you have been told.

As for your question, yes you can find sites that are free. You will need to sign up in your country first and you can change your location after to be able to chat with people on there. You will need to change the language to English as it is in Russian and then you can chat for free. I still recommend that you be careful as there are a lot of girls on there working the scam also, if someone ask for you to send or buy them something no matter how long you have been talking with them, I suggest you do not do that.

The site is or you can go to as they are same, just need to click on the heart on to go to the site.

If you have any questions feel free to private message me.

[Answer 3] – One of mine friend suggested me for free dating site

[Answer 5] – sorry only know one good free date site 100% free (may not have many search results for Russia)


Question: Is there a reputable on-line dating service for meeting Russian women?

[QUESTION TITLE] Is there a reputable on-line dating service for meeting Russian women? – Asked on 2010-06-06

[Question] – Is there a legitimate on-line or other service catering to American men looking to meet ONLY Russian women ? Some sites seem to show only very beautiful women,which seems like a scam.
I live in Cleveland Ohio, and I’m not looking to import a lady from Russia. I do not want a hook-up, just the resources.

[Answer 1] – First, there is so much disinformation about this topic it is amazing. The success rate for marriages that start on international dating sites is actually HIGHER than other American marriages according to the best estimates.

That has the divorce numbers and this article has info about why girls sign up for these sites and money is important, but not the only reason.

One thing worth mentioning is that there are lots of Russian women in Ukraine, Belarus, and the rest of the Former Soviet Union.

[Answer 2] – There are many websites, however you should be vigilante not to fall into a trap. It’s no different than any other dating business. Many women (or men pretending to be women) are doing their best to trick other men. Dating websites are very lucrative and Russian sites are not an exception.

[Answer 3] – Miachel, this whole Russian-mail-order bride business has been such a scam for so long that I don’t know what to tell you. There are even some success stories but also I heard of, say, a bunch of colege kids posting as one of those beauties and milking American guys for all they were worth (oh, her Mom got sick and needs money urgently; oh, she wants to come to the US and meet you but needs money for a visa; etc)

In short – I really don’t know of any REPUTABLE sources related to Russian mafia-ridden scammy hook-up sites.

[Answer 4] – Those days of Russian mail order brides are long gone. Russia is a developed capitalist country now, not a poor communist country with girls looking to escape to America for a better life. There are more millionaires and billionaires in Russia than the US, so if they are just looking for a rich man, they have a better chance of finding one at home. And it’s easy for Russians to get visas for most countries in Europe these days so if they want to leave Russia, they don’t have to come to America. They can go to Germany or France or England or Sweden and meet a man there

I don’t know how many different news shows have exposed these Russian dating scams. They are run by the mafia and the person you are emailing is rarely a woman. They use pictures copied from porn and modeling sites but it’s young guys sending the actual emails. If you ever talk to a woman, she’s normally the wife/girlfriend of one of the scammers. But they don’t come to visit you.

Real women on dating sites do not look like models and are not looking for men 20 years older. Real women who go online to find a man are not gorgeous no matter what country they are from. They are average women. They might be older, or overweight, or unattractive. And most women online usually look for men within 5 years of their own age. If you find all these girls who look like they could be in Playboy, then you know it’s a scam site. You have to try and find a site, if they exist, of women who look like real women, if you want any chance. And look for someone no more than 5 years younger than you if you want a real woman. Guys get scammed when they are 45 and overweight and think some hot 22 year old who looks like a young Pamela Anderson wants to be with them. They don’t. Those are all scammers

[Answer 5] – Try

[Answer 6] – try


Question: Should I trust a BEAUTIFUL Ukrainian woman who wants to meet me?

[QUESTION TITLE] Should I trust a BEAUTIFUL Ukrainian woman who wants to meet me? – Asked on 2007-06-02

[Question] – She found me on a dating site. She is full of affection. But not full of answers to my questions. She has sent 8 pics of herself, which are believable and normal. She is 32, I am 45.She has not asked me for any money or favors….yet. I cannot get her to establish a phone call.She has not given her full name or address. She claims to be getting her Visa and passport together now and wants to come to the States soon to meet me??? Is this for real….or a scam???

[Answer 1] – It is a scam.

I will generalize why, based on my and friends personal experience “internet dating” Ukrainians, and in researching scams (part of my Ukrainian wife’s business).

First, she got your email from a dating site. I bet this site requires a credit card payment for “members” to be able to mail each other, or is one of those completely free sites. Most Ukrainians do not have internet at home, and most do not have credit cards for payment to sites (nor do they make enough to justify such an expense).

Second, she does not answer your questions. A “real” Ukrainian woman of her age will typically latch onto what she views as a “good man”, and be totally honest and open with him within 3-7 days.

She will address you by your first name often, and will typically call you by a “sweet name” (Johnny, Petey, Carlitos, etc). Check your emails… does she ever call you by first name inside the email, other than at the top? Do her emails have nothing to do with what you ask her?

Phone calls… despite what she tells you, she either has a home phone, or a mobile phone. I do not know a Ukrainian who does not have one or the other, unless she lives in a village (in which case she would not have internet access).

And “getting her Visa and passport together”… first, a 32-year old unmarried woman will not get a visa from the US Embassy to come here. Accept that fact. I do not care what anyone tells you, a visitor visa will not be obtained. Student visas can be obtained, but she would have to be enrolled in a Ukrainian University, and she would have to be on a “University Exchange” program and enrolled in a US University.

What will happen, if you keep up the ruse with her, is she will never ask for money until she goes to buy her plane tickets and “I did not realize I would have to buy a round trip ticket, and now I need $xxx for _____ or I can not come to you.” (Fill in the blank with “return air ticket”, living expense, food, or whatever excuse you want.)

It is the “new” scam they are using. They are finding that Americans are getting wise to the up front money requests. She will lead you on until you are tied to her heart and expect her in a few days (“I got my visa today! I will buy tickets and we will be together this weekend!”), and then she will tug those heartstrings when you have such anticipation that you will send it because you believe her so much. It is hard to hear “I can be there Saturday, but I need $600”, and not send it.


If you want a real relationship with a real Ukrainian woman, go to a reputable site and buy a membership (ie:, fly to Ukraine and meet a good women, or be very very very careful.

[Answer 2] – Of course you should, and you should marry her right away with no prenuptial. The old adage “to good to be true” might apply here. If she is truly interested in meeting you just because she likes you, and not into some scam, she should be fairly open. She would hold back some details for safetys sake, but no phone call? Tread lightly my friend. This world is full of people looking to use and abuse, be smart about it, proceed at your pace and dont ignore warning signs. If it smells fishy, find somewhere else to fish.
good luck, be careful

[Answer 3] – I think people should be really careful in dating in the Internet.

You really don’t know who is this woman. I don’t want scare you but there are some group of people who steal money from men by this way. they make love with men and after that kill him and steal his money.

Just be careful and try to know her well , meet her in publice.
Look at her behavoir, don’t give her at first meeting any information of yourslef that may be could be dangerous for you.

Good luck.



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