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Title: Russian Dating Sites Bring People Closer Together

Being a member you can access the whole information about Ukrainian and Russian women who are looking for marriage. Usually not only single women apply to such sites, but dating services are popular with divorced women either. Girls from other countries are also invited. But being a Russian site by title, mostly girls from Russia are presented there.

Men can get in direct contact with the ladies and access all women’s profiles. But contact details of candidates are kept secret until candidates are ready to display it to others. Each agency or dating site try to avoid any fake profiles and all candidates are personally interviewed and then their profiles are loaded into the database. Before making a call to a girl, permission has to be taken beforehand and then their details are given.

Many dating sites also give opportunity for women and men to meet and to establish contact between them. But when it is about any serious relation with women from other countries, full information about men and women has to be taken beforehand in order to help them with the Visa or tickets. Details like passport and the proof of their nationality are taken by the agency.

Not all the agencies do that, but those who deal with documents and visas usually take the whole responsibility for what they do. For an initial period of time couples may have some language barrier, but this problem is also sorted out by the help of interpreters who work for many dating agencies. Remember it takes time to develop any successful relationship.

Russian women are usually very much dedicated to their family. In turn they do not want any gifts or money; they only need love and affection. The dream of having a Russian wife can come true only if you pay attention to their customs. Men must have courtesy towards women. Many men get wrong impression about Russian girls and that is why they are desperate to get married. But the truth is that because of a smaller number of men in Russia, they get married at an early age. These sites are very helpful as they bring people closer together and help them to get married soon and live happily ever after.


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Question: Are Ukrainian dating marriage sites for real?

[QUESTION TITLE] Are Ukrainian dating marriage sites for real? – Asked on 2011-03-14

[Question] – They show these women from 18-28 that say they are looking for marriage to a man from 35-55. They also say that they are willing to relocate to America for the right person. Do you think this is mostly real or mostly scam?

[Answer 1] – They are for real.

[Answer 2] – Its a scam.
No genuine Ukrainian girl that is 18-28 is going to marry and relocate to America with a 55yr old guy.That is true not just for Ukraine but everywhere else in europe.
I am a British guy happily married to a Ukrainian woman and it never ceases to amaze us when passing through airports on the way to Ukraine listening to guys from America visiting Ukraine to visit there virtual dating agency sweethearts.

What they fail to understand is that they are seriously being ripped off by scam American owned dating agencies that fill there heads full of all kinds of nonsense about things such as how difficult it is for Ukrainian women to find a husband in Ukraine.

Please understand that Ukraine is no second world country these days and Ukrainian women are not looking to move to America for a green card.For the most part Ukrainian women tend to be well educated and already have a reasonable standard of living They prefer to stay in Ukraine and Europe and not be miles away from there families

That said there are many women who would re locate to America if her 80yr old future husband was a multi millionaire. And that includes women not just from Ukraine but anywhere else in europe.

[Answer 3] – Large age gaps (around ten years) aren’t that uncommon in Eastern Europe, so for a women to be interested in older men isn’t totally implausible. But the vast majority of those websites are set-up by professional scammers. And realistically the chances of meeting a genuine partner is unlikely.

[Answer 4] – Find me one 18 year old girl or even 28 year old who wants to marry a 55 year old man if it’s not just for money and/or a green card

My ex was Ukrainian and one of his female cousins didn’t work at all – her “job” was conning men all over the world on dating sites to send her money. She would have at least 10 men going at the same time with no intention of meeting any of them. If anyone said they were coming to visit she would tell them she was very sorry but decided to get back together with her ex-boyfriend and that she could no longer talk to them then move on to the next one.

She couldn’t believe it was so easy to tell a man she never met that she needed money for a new dress for a job interview and they would just send her money. Or that she needed money for internet bills – when she was already being paid by the site for chatting to these lonely men


Question: What are Ukrainian men like?

[QUESTION TITLE] What are Ukrainian men like? – Asked on 2011-06-19

[Question] – I know you can’t say precisely how every single man is especially from just one country. What makes them different from other men? Are they romantic and what are some facts about them?

[Answer 1] – For those ignorant people, who are only able to spit black bile on everyone and everything non american, who do not distinguish ethnics, take a look one more time at those maniacs (“3 guys one hammer”):�
= they are of middle-eastern origin! It’s obvious.

How stupid can someone be generalizing the whole population of Ukraine by watching one single crappy video.

Are there no maniacs in America???

Diana, the worst thing about ukrainian men is… the lack of them actually. Male to Female ratio in Ukraine is 9 males per 10 females officially (as well as in Russia) but it varies from region to region… in some places it’s a real disaster… Also, Ukraine is not rich country, but once ukrainian professional manages to get a good job in a good company, he can show a very good potential.

IMO, I like them, they are very different of course, even more different comparing with other countries, but definitely not from the worst, but from the best men in the world. There are many shitty sites in Inet black-mouthing slavic men (especially western sites, “selling” slavic women as brides), don’t take them seriously. Envy is a cruel thing.

Maybe, this one would help (found it by accident, didn’t read the whole thing):’¦

Good luck!

[Answer 2] – They do really interesting things after a few drinks!

[Answer 3] – Crazy. Just watch the video “3 guys one hammer”.

[Answer 4] – Strange….but friendly!


Question: What is the average salary in ukraine in the year of 2009?

[QUESTION TITLE] What is the average salary in ukraine in the year of 2009? – Asked on 2009-07-02

[Question] – what kind of salaries do people get in ukraine

[Answer 1] – $200 in most areas. double that in Kiev.

[Answer 2] – The monthly salary is from $200-$500 a month.

[Answer 3] – about 100-500$ per month



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