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Title: Dating A Beautiful Russian Or Ukrainian Woman – 3 Essential Tips

A reputable marriage agency or website will have in place certain checks and balances to try to keep scammers off their site. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil the bunch and it behooves these agencies to confirm the identity and status of the women that they represent. A few complaints and a company’s reputation could be trashed.

Most marriage agencies also provide translation services (some both letter translation and phone) amongst other services. A good marriage agency is more of a benefit than most people think, especially in the beginning.

Focus on Compatibility ‘ When you are perusing the profiles on a marriage agency or Mail Order Bride website try to keep your focus on compatibility. It is easy to fall for a pretty face or a sexy picture of one of these Russian or Ukrainian beauties, but keep in mind that you will be wasting your time if you aren’t what she is looking for or if she isn’t what you’re looking for.

If you are older (or younger) than the age that she states in her profile for acceptable age range that she is looking for your letters may go unanswered. If she states that she likes going out to the clubs every weekend and you’re more of a homebody who enjoys reading or working in the garden then you either might want to move along or address the issue before your relationship moves too far along.

Some other things to think about are where you live. If she is a city girl and you live on 100 acres in Canada about an hour drive from the supermarket, she might have an issue adjusting if your relationship ever does become serious. If she likes animals and you’re deathly allergic this might be another deal killer. If you are very religious and she isn’t religious at all then this might be something that you might want to discuss.

The point is that it is very easy to get swept up in the flowery words of correspondence and the exchange of pictures. Try to be realistic and logical about your compatibility with your potential ‘Mail Order Bride’. Try not to be disheartened or feel that you need to be completely compatible. Just try to be aware of any differences that you see and feel free to discuss them with her before it’s too late.

Educate Yourself ‘ Don’t freak out! I am not talking about the kind of homework that you hated in school. I am talking about some very interesting topics that you can easily educate yourself about in order to show your Russian or Ukrainian lady that you do care about her. A little time spent learning about her country’it’s history’the language’or even her city or town will pay big dividends.

You can easily learn a few words of Russian by using free resources on the internet these days. Chances are you already know how to say ‘goodbye’ formally (das vee-dan-yah) and ‘no’ (nee-yet). Knock her socks off and learn how to say ‘I adore you’ or ‘I miss you’ or even ‘I don’t understand’ to show her that you care enough about her to learn about her. Most guys are ignorant and expect their new girlfriend to learn English so they never make an attempt to learn anything about their country or even basic phrases of their language.

Of course, if you really want to get up to spTeed there are a few books on the market that will give you a glimpse into the world of Ukrainian and Russian Mail Order Brides. Our recommendation is The Ukrainian Bride Guide. Written by Cory Cronin, The Ukrainian Bride Guide covers A to Z everything that you might want to know about how to win the heart of one of these sexy young ladies from Russian or Ukraine. As an added bonus if you act now and for a limited time you can get three months of one on one support from the author himself to help you to win the heart of the woman of your dreams whether she be in Ukraine or Russia or any of the other Former Soviet Union countries.


Title: Ukrainian Women And Russian Women Are Seeking Foreign Husbands? Is It For Real?

1.According to the 2002 census, women from Ukraine and Russia outnumber men by approx. 10 Millions.
2.By tradition, Ukraine women and Russian women are very family oriented and seek to form a strong family.
3.Because they cannot find a suitable partner in their own country, many decide to look for a foreign husband.
4.Not for economics or any other reason; simply because they wish to fulfill their dream: become a beautiful Russian wife.

What about Ukrainian scam artists, Russian scammers and dating scams? Are all these international dating websites honest? Are these Russian brides for real?

Unfortunately, there are many Ukrainian scam artists, Russian scammers and dating scams on the internet. Among the hundreds of international dating websites offering to introduce Ukrainian and Russian women, not all are honest. But the fact that many women of former USSR seek a foreign husband remains, so one simply have to be careful in choosing an honest and reliable international dating website. Once this choice made, any serious and decent man can find his Russian bride.

What matchmaking service is best? Free dating websites or one that works with Ukrainian and Russian marriage agencies?

Without a doubt, Ukrainian and Russian marriage agencies offer the best matchmaking services. Unlike free dating websites, they meet every Ukrainian and Russian woman and verify their identity with passport. They interview them to make sure they are serious at seeking a foreign husband and willing to relocate in his country.

On a free dating website, there is no such matchmaking service and anyone if free to sign-up without any identity proof, thus opening the door to scammers and dating scams.

So many terms: mail order brides, sexy Russian girls, hot Ukrainian ladies. Why so many expressions?

As we all know; mail order brides refer to an era when a woman would travel the ocean to join a man with who she only exchanged a few snail letters. Of course this era is far behind but for some reason the mail order brides remains. These Ukrainian women and Russian women are modern and educated women not brides who can be ordered by mail or internet.

Sexy Russian girls and hot Ukrainian girls are commonly used terms in Russian and the Ukraine. Unlike other parts of the world, it doesn’° necessary mean a young woman or anything bad. A 35 year old Russian woman can be referred to as a sexy Russian girl and it can be a compliment.

So all these terms mean the same and are simply about Russian women and Ukraine women.

Ukrainian women and Russian women are family oriented and make excellent wives. If you are serious about finding your future bride in Eastern Europe, no doubt you will find your Russian wife.


Title: Become Happy With Ukrainian Dating Tips & Advice

The Ukrainian women for marriage represent a proud culture. The Ukraine has an illustrious history and the women of the Ukraine played a great part in it. In recent history they stood by their men and fought alongside them against the Nazi invaders, while defending their home and nation. They are brave as well as beautiful women. Ukrainian women do the same now. They stand by their men in both good and bad times.

On the lighter side, many of the Ukrainian women have lovely soft hair that is almost like silk. Running your fingers through their hair is a great experience. Please do not do this without permission. They have wonderful smiles and smooth skin as well. Meeting these beauties is a bonus unto itself.

You will learn as much about Ukrainian culture and life through dating these women as well as by study and research. In your future might be an exciting Ukrainian wedding. Don’t miss an opportunity to widen your horizons when you study and meet these beauties. The days of boredom and a life that is too ordinary can come to an end.


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Question: Are all extremely beautiful Ukrainian Women on Dating sites Scammers?

[QUESTION TITLE] Are all extremely beautiful Ukrainian Women on Dating sites Scammers? – Asked on 2011-05-28

[Question] – I have just returned from spending 8 days with the most beautiful woman in Ukraine.

I am a good looking young guy who thought this woman’s intentions where real until i returned back to the uk and discovered the truth, that she wanted me to send her a substantial amount of money!

Everything seemed so real when i was with her and i am man who has dated hundreds of women.

Any Ukrainian women out there please?

[Answer 1] – Oh, again… These questions are asked all around the world, over and over, countless times… And always the main word here is “ALL”. For the god’s sake, ALL?

Scammers and gold diggers are everywhere in the world. It doesn’t depend on nationality. It happens even in the most developed countries.
Women in one particular country are not the same. They are all different with different intentions. Ukraine is not exception.

There are many decent women in Ukr and sly ones… It’s difficult to say about your case.

On the one hand, Kiev, Odessa and other large cities in Ukraine are ‘refuges’ for riffraff from all over Ukraine, which can earn money from fraud of any kind. Like in all other large cities around the world. On the other hand, we shouldn’t generalize the whole population of Ukraine – it’s stupid either.

Also, I (as a girl working in tourism) do perfectly know about intentions of sex-tourists traveling to Ukraine. Don’t pretend that you are so ******* decent, almost sainted. Many foreigners were and are scamming too: they can promise many good things just to get sex from a normal girl; there are also well known stories about ukrainian/russian women who married and moved to West Europe/USA etc. and their life turned to hell (some became almost slaves, and some even were killed). We all know that. We also know that there are many stupid stereotypes about ukr women: good in kitchen, in bed, cheap and beautiful bla bla bla… Not to mention that visitors of dating sites are mostly PERVERTS, MENTALLY ILL and ELDERLY MEN, SINGLE DADDIES, LOOKING FOR CHEAP YOUNG MAID. Desirable WHITE. ARE THESE INTENTIONS OF FOREIGN MEN HONEST? DECENT? DUUUH.

Your mention “i am man who has dated hundreds of women” looks very suspicious. Plus you didn’t mention what exactly you expected from you trip and from that woman. Oh, btw we also know, that some men looking for slavic girls are not particularly popular and successful among women from their own country/city… hmmm;’¦;’¦


Question: Are Ukrainian dating marriage sites for real?

[QUESTION TITLE] Are Ukrainian dating marriage sites for real? – Asked on 2011-03-14

[Question] – They show these women from 18-28 that say they are looking for marriage to a man from 35-55. They also say that they are willing to relocate to America for the right person. Do you think this is mostly real or mostly scam?

[Answer 1] – They are for real, I know a couple that met on, she relocated and they are very happy

[Answer 2] – Its a scam.
No genuine Ukrainian girl that is 18-28 is going to marry and relocate to America with a 35-55yr old guy.That is true not just for Ukraine but everywhere else in europe.
I am a British guy happily married to a Ukrainian woman and it never ceases to amaze us when passing through airports on the way to Ukraine listening to guys from America visiting Ukraine to visit there virtual dating agency sweethearts.What they fail to understand is that they are seriously being ripped off by scam American owned dating agencies that fill there heads full of all kinds of nonsense about things such as how difficult it is for Ukrainian women to find a husband in Ukraine.

Please understand that Ukraine is no second world country these days and Ukrainian women are not looking to move to America for a green card.For the most part Ukrainian women tend to be well educated and already have a reasonable standard of living They prefer to stay in Ukraine and Europe and not be miles away from there families

That said there are many women who would re locate to America if her 80yr old future husband was a multi millionaire. And that includes women not just from Ukraine but anywhere else in europe.

[Answer 3] – Large age gaps (around ten years) aren’t that uncommon in Eastern Europe, so for a women to be interested in older men isn’t totally implausible. But the vast majority of those websites are set-up by professional scammers. And realistically the chances of meeting a genuine partner is unlikely.

[Answer 4] – Find me one 18 year old girl or even 28 year old who wants to marry a 55 year old man if it’s not just for money and/or a green card

My ex was Ukrainian and one of his female cousins didn’t work at all – her “job” was conning men all over the world on dating sites to send her money. She would have at least 10 men going at the same time with no intention of meeting any of them. If anyone said they were coming to visit she would tell them she was very sorry but decided to get back together with her ex-boyfriend and that she could no longer talk to them then move on to the next one. She couldn’t believe it was so easy to tell a man she never met that she needed money for a new dress for a job interview and they would just send her money. Or that she needed money for internet bills – when she was already being paid by the site for chatting to these lonely men


Question: Should I trust a BEAUTIFUL Ukrainian woman who wants to meet me?

[QUESTION TITLE] Should I trust a BEAUTIFUL Ukrainian woman who wants to meet me? – Asked on 2007-06-02

[Question] – She found me on a dating site. She is full of affection. But not full of answers to my questions. She has sent 8 pics of herself, which are believable and normal. She is 32, I am 45.She has not asked me for any money or favors….yet. I cannot get her to establish a phone call.She has not given her full name or address. She claims to be getting her Visa and passport together now and wants to come to the States soon to meet me??? Is this for real….or a scam???

[Answer 1] – It is a scam.

I will generalize why, based on my and friends personal experience “internet dating” Ukrainians, and in researching scams (part of my Ukrainian wife’s business).

First, she got your email from a dating site. I bet this site requires a credit card payment for “members” to be able to mail each other, or is one of those completely free sites. Most Ukrainians do not have internet at home, and most do not have credit cards for payment to sites (nor do they make enough to justify such an expense).

Second, she does not answer your questions. A “real” Ukrainian woman of her age will typically latch onto what she views as a “good man”, and be totally honest and open with him within 3-7 days.

She will address you by your first name often, and will typically call you by a “sweet name” (Johnny, Petey, Carlitos, etc). Check your emails… does she ever call you by first name inside the email, other than at the top? Do her emails have nothing to do with what you ask her?

Phone calls… despite what she tells you, she either has a home phone, or a mobile phone. I do not know a Ukrainian who does not have one or the other, unless she lives in a village (in which case she would not have internet access).

And “getting her Visa and passport together”… first, a 32-year old unmarried woman will not get a visa from the US Embassy to come here. Accept that fact. I do not care what anyone tells you, a visitor visa will not be obtained. Student visas can be obtained, but she would have to be enrolled in a Ukrainian University, and she would have to be on a “University Exchange” program and enrolled in a US University.

What will happen, if you keep up the ruse with her, is she will never ask for money until she goes to buy her plane tickets and “I did not realize I would have to buy a round trip ticket, and now I need $xxx for _____ or I can not come to you.” (Fill in the blank with “return air ticket”, living expense, food, or whatever excuse you want.)

It is the “new” scam they are using. They are finding that Americans are getting wise to the up front money requests. She will lead you on until you are tied to her heart and expect her in a few days (“I got my visa today! I will buy tickets and we will be together this weekend!”), and then she will tug those heartstrings when you have such anticipation that you will send it because you believe her so much. It is hard to hear “I can be there Saturday, but I need $600”, and not send it.


If you want a real relationship with a real Ukrainian woman, go to a reputable site and buy a membership (ie:, fly to Ukraine and meet a good women, or be very very very careful.

[Answer 2] – Of course you should, and you should marry her right away with no prenuptial. The old adage “to good to be true” might apply here. If she is truly interested in meeting you just because she likes you, and not into some scam, she should be fairly open. She would hold back some details for safetys sake, but no phone call? Tread lightly my friend. This world is full of people looking to use and abuse, be smart about it, proceed at your pace and dont ignore warning signs. If it smells fishy, find somewhere else to fish.
good luck, be careful

[Answer 3] – I think people should be really careful in dating in the Internet.

You really don’t know who is this woman. I don’t want scare you but there are some group of people who steal money from men by this way. they make love with men and after that kill him and steal his money.

Just be careful and try to know her well , meet her in publice.
Look at her behavoir, don’t give her at first meeting any information of yourslef that may be could be dangerous for you.

Good luck.



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